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Detailed Time Entry & Stopwatch

Some users have suggested to us that while the weekly timesheets were good for collecting their time on a per-project per-day basis, they’d also like other ways of recording their time. Some need to log their time with notes and details and others want quick ways to track their time throughout their day. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have been working on a couple more ways for time entry. Users can just use the method that works best for them, and it will all still come through our simple reporting when it’s time to review everyone’s hours. Keep a look out for these new features in the near future.

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  • Hey guys – i read this in the what’s new section and the sentence needs some work: “Simply click on that client/project’s task and you have switched over to.”

  • Is there a way to filter beyond what’s shown? Example: I would love to be able to see how many hours John Doe contributed to project X. Is there a way to do this? The sofware we were using in the past had this feature and it was very helpfult to manage everyone’s contributions to a project.

    Thanks to the Harvest Team for a great product.

  • OK nevermind I think I figured it out – it’s within the reports section – very simple.

  • This is definitely the easiest and enjoyable method for tracking time I’ve found to date. I’ve tried the other online options and haven’t found anything to inspire me to switch from the desktop application that I’ve used for the past two years. With Harvest I’ve finally got a reason to switch. I’ve been using Harvest for just a few days with multiple users and it’s everything I’ve wanted in an online time tracking solution.

    The timer is perfect – allowing me to track, not just record my time (and yes, there’s a huge difference). When I start a client project I just hit the timer and get to work. When I finish for the day, I hit the timer again and Harvest does the rest.

    The multiple user implementation is great as well, allowing me to manage employees and contractors separately. When it’s time to submit invoices, I can approve and archive their timesheets without a lot of fuss. Bravo!

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