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Exciting Improvements

Today we pushed out our most exciting Harvest update yet. Here’s the rundown:

  • Support for detailed daily entries. Users have been asking for ways to jot down notes associated with their time entries. We took this to heart and have provided a new entry view called the Daily Entry. This simple view allows you to enter notes for entry you make. You can also make multiple entries with distinct notes to one task per day if that suits your working style. The notes provide an easy to glance overview of the tasks accomplished over a day or a week.
  • Now really track my time. With the introduction of the daily entry screen, we’re also throwing in a little stopwatch to help with real-time time-tracking. Next to your daily time entries, you will find a little icon to start and stop a background timer for that particular task. This offers one-click task switching. Say you received a phone call from a client and need to switch to this client’s time from the project you were working on. Simply click on that client/project’s task and you have switched over to. Simply having a browser open to Harvest throughout the day allows you to easily switch amongst the tasks you’re tracking throughout the day. Nothing to install and easy to use.
  • Seamless integration between views. It doesn’t matter if you use the current weekly view, the new daily view, or stopwatch to track you time—they will all filter into the same report for your organization. Changes made in one view will be properly adjusted and reflected in other views. We believe people have their own preferences for how they’d like to track their time, and Harvest’s job is to provide those ways without forcing any one mechanism. Time tracking is a necessity and let’s go with the method that works for you.
  • Simplified approval. We took a second look at the approval process and made it easier for admins and smaller companies. Instead of seeing everyone’s time broken down by project, admins can also see weekly timesheets by user. This may serve smaller operations better by allowing admins to quickly review weekly time on a person basis instead of project basis. Project managers (time approvers) still approve timesheets on a per-project basis.

We hope these new features will make your time tracking experience even less painful, all the while more useful. If you are finding Harvest helpful in your organization or everyday use, please e-mail us and let us know—we’d love to hear about it.

Update: We’re making just a couple more minor tweaks before we make things available to everyone. We’re almost there!

Update 2: Everyone has access to these new features. Enjoy!

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  • I am excited to try the new features, but can’t seem to find those tools within my interface. How do I see the “daily” view?

    Resa Hoeller

  • Resa – It’s under the timesheet tab – under timesheet across the top you should see weekly, daily, pending approval etc.

  • New features are a great addition. But please, please, please allow us to sort the project/task lists on the Timesheets tab alphabetically. We’ve got 30+ clients listed and it takes for ever to find anything.

  • Jascha, your comments are noted and we’re putting this on the top of our list.

  • You did the alphabetizing! Thanks!

  • Peter Kelley on April 28, 2006

    I’m excited to try this out—is there any way to enter time while off-line (for instance, on the subway, or at a meeting where there’s no wifi or wall jack?)

    Kelley Campaigns

  • Hi, Peter. Currently, there isn’t a way to enter time while you are offline. We may come up with a solution for this in the future though. Thanks for using Harvest!

  • Thanks for all of your latest improvements. Is there any way you can adjust the system so that all common tasks are automatically available for every project? Right now if we add a common task, we have to manually add that common task to every single project that is already in the system. It’s very time-consuming. It seems that common tasks should be automatically added to every project, no matter when the project is entered. Thanks.

  • on May 19, 2006

    Is there any way you can publish a PDF of instructions for how to use this? It’s very easy—I’ll give you that—but I’d like a more in-depth description of how to manage individual projects with this.

    Also, there is currently no way to denote the same hour of work going to more than one project/task.

    Thanks for the great app!

  • A handy help page is on the way to answer questions that may come up as you use the application!

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