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Personal reporting and other goodness.

The latest round of Harvest improvements brings all account holders these great features:

  • Personal reporting and export. Reports offer valuable insights, so Harvest goes a step further for all account holders. With the latest release, all employees and contractors have access to view reports of their own hours. Administrators are still the only ones able to view hours across all projects and individuals, but all users can now review their own hours through the reporting interface to get a better picture of how they are spending their hours.
  • Flexible date navigation for weekly timesheets. If you want to go ahead or back in time, simply select “Show all weeks” to get all the weeks of the year. Go back a few weeks to correct an entry or jump ahead a few months to pre-enter your vacation time.
  • Alphabetical ordering of your tasks for the weekly timesheets. If you’re tracking time on more than a handful of projects and tasks, you may have found it difficult to hunt down a specific rows from the crowd. Instead of ad-hoc ordering of your tasks, your weekly entry rows are now ordered by clients, projects and tasks.

We’re constantly improving the Harvest experience. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to email us: support at Thanks for using Harvest!

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  • Was a bit dismayed when upgrading from Trial to proper account to be told that (a) I needed to put a State/Province in and (b) that Scotland is not a VALID country?

    I live in Edinburgh which is a State/Province itself and I can assure you Scotland is a valid country!

  • I think it would be useful and cool to be able to tag the hours I enter with additional information like, say, priority A, B or C, or the name of the person who I’m doing the work for, etc, so that I could see a report that tells me that I spent 30% of my day on priority A items, or that I spent 5 hours doing work that Suzy should have done herself, etc. It could work in much the same way that you can see billable/nonbillable in the reports, I think.

    Also, a common thing that I find myself doing is breaking up a task that I recorded. For example, i set the timer that I’m going to be working on project A and it runs for two hours, but in fact I spent 10 minutes on the phone, 15 minutes on project B and forgot to turn off the timer when I went for coffee. The result is that I enter those items then have to do the math to figure out how much to reduce project A by. Harvest could do that math for me.

  • Ed, our apologies for the Scotland issue! The payment information is handled through a payment gateway service which can be a bit critical of countries because of the way it handles address verification. It is in no way a reflection of our own political views! We’re looking into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. Thanks for using Harvest.

  • Darrik, your comments are noted and we are working on ideas along those lines.

  • Additionally, I would like to have the option of seeing time in the daily timesheet displayed in hours:minutes rather than as it is now.

    Overall I really like the application, thanks!

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