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View detailed notes directly within reporting.

The detailed notes that users log from the daily timesheet is now viewable directly from reporting. As you navigate through your reports, you will notice that the total hours for each project, person, and task are now clickable. Clicking on the hours allows you to drill down for further details. Give it a try.

This is handy when you want to find out, for example, who did what during those 72 hours spent on project X. With just one click, you have all the detailed entries which contributed to those hours on Project X. Using this feature, you can also easily call up detailed reports for an individual’s time over the week (or any other timeframe). We hope this will make it even easier when it comes to reviewing your time.

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  • Great work so far guys. Are there any plans to add hourly rates and expense tracking so users could actually invoice from Harvest?

  • Toby stokes on June 23, 2006

    I second expense tracking.
    Though there are many good existing invoicing systems already, a single place for staff to add expenses, as well as time would be very useful.

    We don’t use harvest timesheets directly for billing anyway, but only to see the effectiveness/profitablilty of a job. As such, ‘real’ costs are as relevant as people costs.

    Having said that, I’m not sure how this would work within the reports view, and I’m a big fan the simplicity of the system.

  • Thanks for the feedback. These features are certainly on our radar and with any of the new forthcoming features, it’s a matter of implementing them in an non-intrusive and simple manner. We’ll definitely let everyone know when something along these lines is ready.

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