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“Someone mentioned Harvest and we have not looked back since.”

“We were using an internally developed time tracking solution which was OK. It was not comprehensive enough and since the developer left the company, we were left with a dilemma of whether to pay that person to continue to maintain it or try to buy something. Someone mentioned Harvest and we have not looked back since. We did a trial – for a very short period, realized it was going to do what we needed and then wiped out our trial db, decided on our list of projects and tasks, then easily entered it in Harvest and presto, we have a new solution that is perfect for us. And our users like it. So does the management team because we can break down our data to look in many ways.”

“Harvest support and development was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process and are still awesome when we have an idea or a question.” – Leanne Brekke, Product Manager (Taylor Scheduling Software)

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