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Harvest + Basecamp = Easy Like Sunday Morning

Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce Harvest’s seamless time tracking integration with Basecamp, the popular web-based project management tool from 37signals.

If your organization currently uses Basecamp in conjunction with Harvest for time tracking, things just got a whole lot easier. Harvest admins can now avoid any form of double-entry when it comes to setting up users, clients, or projects. Simply pick the people or projects you’d like to import from Basecamp and you are ready to go. Imported users will receive an automatically-generated Harvest welcome message along with their temporary password.

The BEST part is that all users (imported and current) will automatically be assigned to their proper projects based on their project assignments in Basecamp. This means that if John is assigned to Project A and Project B, he will automatically be granted access to those projects within his Harvest timesheets.

If you’re a Basecamp user and looking to try Harvest out, give it a shot. You will be up and running with your projects in just a couple minutes.

Current users can find the integration details under the Manage > Account Settings screen. Let us know what you think!

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  • Bravo! This readily addresses the needs of small, functional teams that would rather avoid the overhead and shortcomings of MS Project.

    Any plans for an integrated calendar view of tasks? This would make this mash-up even more valuable.

  • Thanks, Cuneyt. We’ll certainly think about the calendar bit to see if it makes sense for our integration users.

  • Wayde Christie on September 30, 2006

    I’m getting a considerable lag between adding a new project in Basecamp and when it shows up in the project import dropdown in Harvest. Is this a known issue?

  • hello – can you export projects from Harvest into Basecamp? I have a Harvest account and have used Basecamp i n the past, but currently do not.


  • @Wayde: There is no lag between the two, users simply need to re-authenticate their Basecamp credentials to get their latest information updated. We’ll put notes within the app to make this clearer.

    @Wendy: You currently can’t export projects from Harvest into Basecamp. We’ll keep it in our idea bin and see if it makes sense down the road.

  • Steven van Wel on November 16, 2006

    he all! Great app, looking foward using it! The Basecamp intergration works sweet!



  • Toby stokes on December 5, 2006

    Have you considered the ability to import basecamp timesheets into harvest too?
    The basecamp timesheet is occasionally useful, just because it is there, but the different reporting views in harvest are far superior.
    Seeing as basecamp people and projects are already importable, it surely wouldn’t be too hard to import timesheet entries too.

  • Gavin Costello on January 5, 2007

    I’m totally with Toby. I like the idea of linking projects created in Basecamp to Harvest, but as a user of Harvest that is transitioning to Basecamp, I really need to see this integration or else might end up just using Basecamp for Time-tracking. I also have projects in Harvest that I wish to put in Basecamp, I need two way compatibility!!!

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