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API and widgets

We’ve been busy on the Harvest farm adding a few features everyone’s been asking for. For starters, we’re just rolling out a mini-API for all accounts. This allows any one to build a separate time entry interface on top of Harvest. We are calling this a mini-API because the functionality is limited to time entry and toggling. We’ll be broadening our API functionality in the near future. Head on over to the Harvest API page for more details.

Along with rolling out an API, we’ve been developing a little something for Mac OS X users. Here’s an early look at the Dashboard widget we will be releasing very soon to make time tracking easier than ever:

UPDATE: Download the widget here!

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  • Reeeeeeeally looking forward to the following:

    • Dashboard widget
    • Harvest forum
    • Project estimates

    Keep up the great work!

  • Ahhh! That’s a beautiful thing. I was looking forward to a <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Dashboard</a> widget!

    Just how soon is <em>very</em> soon? Hmm…

  • Very soon should be within the next week or so.

    For you PC users, we’re going to share the source code for the widget and look to the Harvest community for help in porting the widget over to the Yahoo engine. More details to follow!

  • Sweet! Just curious: I assume the widget will require an internet connection to work (i.e.: it won’t store data while offline)

  • @Dave: yes, our widget will require that you have Internet access for it to work.

  • Toby stokes on December 1, 2006

    This is all good news.

    I hope the near future includes the ability in the API to see all the work on a particular project (irrespective of timescale) – this would be really useful info to import into our invoicing programme as an aid to see what to bill.

  • Toby stokes on December 5, 2006

    “Danny said 1 day later:
    Very soon should be within the next week or so.”

    Not that I’m impatient or anything, but do you need any beta testers?

  • Shift Sean on December 5, 2006

    This will come in very handy.

    What’s the status?

  • Sorry for the slight delay on releasing this. The widget is ready and we’re getting a page properly for it right now.

    Anyone interested in getting their hands on this widget early, please drop me a line directly: danny at getharvest . com

  • Hrm, the widget seems to be hung up when trying to verify my username and password. Hrmmmmm.

  • The same.

  • Toby stokes on December 13, 2006

    It seems to be hung (just displays “Verifying…”)

    but if you hit cancel, I find it has imported the project list.

  • Yea, it’s behaving strangely. If I close the widget and re-open it… if I’m having good luck… then it will load properly.

    However, even if it has loaded properly, it doesn’t seem to detect (now, a few days later) that the day has changed. It doesn’t fetch the date nor existing entries for today.

    Good luck!

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