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Don’t need timesheet approval? Turn it off.

If you have been with us for a while, you know that Harvest supports a timesheet approval workflow. This means timesheets submitted by employees can be approved by project managers or administrators to ensure the time is properly recorded. While this is an invaluable feature for some operations, this can be extra noise for smaller teams and solo users. So starting today, you can navigate to Manage > Account details to turn this feature off if it’s not necessary for your business. If the approval process is working great for you, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

We hope some of you will find this new option helpful, and let us know if there’s anything else we can do to further improve your Harvest experience!

Note: If you’re on our new Solo plan (i.e. you became a subscriber in March of 2008), the approval feature has been automatically turned off for your account.

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  • Great, I was going to write you guys about this. But you got it already covered – thanks!

  • I don’t see this setting – could it be because I’ve already been approving timesheets (I felt I had to, but didn’t actually need to). What heading does it fall under on the settings page?

    What I’m really looking for in your next round of updates is more reporting on invoicing. It would be helpful to know which tasks/hours I’ve invoiced for (and to have these marked somehow in the interface), and provide reports to how many hours I’ve billed for/yet to bill for on a particular project.


  • hey Paul, sorry about the confusion–as we’ve just noted above, all newer Solo plans automatically have this setting turned off so you don’t need to manually turn off this feature. Older accounts (prior to March 2008) will need to make the adjustment on their own. Your note about more reporting on invoicing is noted! Cheers! – Danny

  • Folks, I’m on the solo plan (since about a week ago) and am seeing the option to mark timesheets for approval (which I don’t want), but I don’t see any option in manage>account details to turn it off. Could it be a one-off problem?

    Also, is this blog configured so that, by entering my email address above, I’ll get notified of any replies posted to this blog entry? That’s usually an option when commenting on a blog (unless they don’t ask for email addresses at all). In this case, the prompt for email address but lack of checkbox to confirm desire of comments has just confused me. :-) Thanks.

  • Mohamed Fahmy on June 6, 2008

    Harvest this is great improvement, but as a next step we really need to see two things in the approval work flow
    1) The ability to reject the time sheets and expense sheets, and comment why rejected
    2) Multi step approval process.
    If the above two our tackled I see this will help Harvest penetrate the large professional service companies, as we can not use a system that only has approve as the option, because it kind of defies the point if you cant approve

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