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Pending approval: happier, faster, more productive

For those of you who depend on the timesheet approval workflow, good news: we have revamped the pending approval section so that it is much smoother and faster to load.  It will also remember which view you last chosen (either sort submitted timesheets by week or by projects).  It’s a small improvement, but one which will save a lot of time for administrators and project managers who have to review and approve timesheets regularly. Enjoy!

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  • Great. Would love “approver only” feature for clients that just need to approve weekly timesheets but dont have access to anything else, like adding new people.

  • Sandor Pongracz on June 5, 2008

    Great, to get it sorted.
    We have chosen, that a team lead checks the data of people working on different projects and he would love to see which timesheets for a particular person still is open. Missing the “sort by people feature now” (which implicitly was available in the old version).

  • Mohamed Fahmy on June 6, 2008

    what about disapproving … or rejecting … that still does not exist … the only option you have is to approve. so what i dont understand is why is there that option then. Is there any solution or workaround

  • @Sandor, we’re not quite sure what you mean by your comment, please email us at support so we can get more information about what you mean.

    @Mohamed, We’ve elected to go with the idea that a timesheet is “assumed” to be rejected until it is approved. When it is submitted, the admin/pm gets a notification about the submission, and can also easily send a note about the timesheet from Harvest (e.g. “please check your hours for Tuesday”). Until the timesheet is approved, it will remain in the Pending Approval queue which effectively keeps it on the radar or the admin or project manager.

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