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Time and Expense tracking from your iPhone

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The iPhone is a revolutionary mobile device, but more than just a great consumer product, it’s also an increasingly useful tool for professionals and businesses.    Today, we’re excited to announce Harvest’s contribution to the iPhone user’s productivity with an optimized time and expense tracking experience for your iPhone.

All the handiest features of Harvest are now available from your iPhone:

  • Enter time and expense entries
  • Track time in real-time using Harvest Timers.  Switch between tasks with one click.
  • Optimized for the EDGE network, so Harvest is fast and responsive even when you’re not on a Wi-fi connection.
  • Shortcut to the main Harvest site for your reporting and invoicing needs

The iPhone interface is available for all plans from FREE to Business.  To use it, just point your iPhone’s Safari to your Harvest account’s URL (, and add it to your home screen for a special Harvest icon.

Special thanks to Brian and Barry on our team for making the iPhone goodness happen.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Don’t have a Harvest account yet?  Sign up for free.

Learn more about Harvest for the iPhone.

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  • Excellent! Keep the good things coming.

  • I love it – absolutely perfect! You guys are awesome…

  • This is great. I really look forward to the native app next month…if only there was something in a repo for the jailbroken beta loving fans out there.

  • @Ryan A: to clarify, this is not a native app for the iPhone, this is a webapp that you can access TODAY by visiting your Harvest account’s URL via your iPhone.

  • This looks great – maybe I get iPhones for the whole office!

    Are we going to see an expense tracking addition to the Widget anytime soon? Looks like this may be your goal with including it on the iPhone version.

  • I just read about this on and I must say, it looks so perfect for my business. We all use iphones at work. I can’t wait to try it out. I’m going to sign up for the trial once I get back to the office.

  • How about making the iPhone version accessible from a standard browser? Could work as a great timer widget on the browser sidebar.

  • Amazing! I love it. This is the feature that pushed me to use Harvest.

  • This works great! Just 1 small suggestion, make the next/prev day navigation bigger so my fat fingers can touch it :-)

  • @ctran: thanks for your feedback–it has been noted!

  • Any chance of a native app for the iPhone now with the AppStore?? (free, of course)

    I don’t think it’d be too hard to “port” the current webapp interface to a native app… Hope you do it! ^^,

    Incredible UI as is, on the webapp though… Congrats on that! :)

  • Any ETA on a native app. I love harvest, but I don’t always have the necessary network connections to use a web app.

  • @Matt We don’t have an ETA yet, but offline capabilities will certainly be addressed in the native app version.

  • Hi Guys. Any progress on the native app version for the iPhone?

  • @Darren It’s in progress–bear with us, we’re making good progress on it and we’ll have it available as soon as it’s ready.

    In the meantime, you can run the web-app in full-screen mode for a slightly-enhanced experience:

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