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Improved Invoicing (more flexibility and support for translations)

We’ve recently released a couple of handy features for Harvest’s invoicing component:

Default invoice values – under Invoices > Configure you can now specify your default tax rate, payment terms, and invoice notes.

Translation – you can translate and customize every single phrase on the invoice and also the invoice email to your client.  Go to Invoices > Configure, stroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on “Translate labels and message”.  Note that the translated phrases will show up on the invoice PDF only.

Happy invoicing!

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  • This is great stuff!

    Another feature suggestion for you: It would be great if I could set a default currency for invoicing, but then allow this to be change on a project or possibly client level.

    I’m currently invoicing my American customers in USD, but upon doing business in my native UK, I’m going to get very stuck when it comes to using Harvest!

    Obviously you need to balance simplicity against offering too many options, but this feature addition would be a massive weight of my mind!

    Keep up the good work guys!


  • Great improvements! Thanks.

    Just to complete a feature suggestion of Paul. It would be great if I could toggle on/of the translation for each invoice. I’m from Brazil and I’m currently invoicing clients from Brazil and EUA. So, this maybe very useful.


  • Thanks for your feedback Paul and Renato. We’re taking it into serious consideration as we continue to improve your Harvest experience!

  • Apologies for the ‘test’ – I got an error when I tried to submit this first and didn’t want to spend another 5 minutes typing it in if it wasn’t going to work!

    I would love to be able to generate invoices automatically but currently don’t have the flexibility that I need:

    – I really need to be able to bill by days rather than hours as that’s what we quote by

    – I’d really like to be able to change the default wording (for instance, in the UK ‘tax’ is universally referred to as ‘VAT’ and I’d like to head the column ‘day rate’ rather than ‘unit rate’.

    – I’d like to be able to add a footer (we need to put details like our company number, registered address, VAT number on our invoices and though I could do this through notes it would be preferable to be able to add a footer.

    I know this is a long wish list but I’d love to be able to use the invoices that Harvest generates rather than doing it manually….

    Many thanks!


  • Hello Rachel,

    You can change the default wording with the latest translation feature. Just go to Invoices > Config, and look for the link to translate invoice (scroll down). Note that the changes will only show up on the PDF.

    Same thing with footer – go to Invoices > Config, click on “Specify default values” and you can specify the default footer notes.

  • I really love the time tracking of Harvest, but find the invoicing just a bit lacking behind many other similar apps. Late fees and reminders are an absolute must for my company and it would make harvest just that much more usable.

    Keep up the good work!

  • @Mel – Thanks for your feedback. We completely recognize that and we’re going to take the invoicing feature up a notch real soon!

  • Is there any way to decrease or customise the margins of the pdf generated invoice? It comes out with huge margins considering we are on A4 format and pushes the invoice unnecessarily oveer two pages?

    Is there a way to specify the rounding up and down of times to the nearest 1/4 of an hour for invoicing only?

    Apart from that, great!
    Any ideas?

  • Good to see this feature improving!

    Unfortunately for us we can’t use the generated PDF because the invoice layout does not match our document style guide.

    Also it completely destroys any Japanese text.

    Cheers – MJ

  • @Regine – There isn’t a way for you to adjust the margins at this point. We will take a look at the output on A4 and see if we can make some adjustments for that output.

    @MJD-S – Please feel free to email us a sample invoice so we can see how to accommodate different invoice layout styles in a future release. Also, while the PDF version of the invoice can’t yet support Japanese text, you will be able to view a translated printer-friendly version of your invoices soon.

  • Carlos Latugaye on June 28, 2008

    It would be nice to set the default currency at the project level. So I can use USD for a customer in the US and ARS for a customer in Argentina.



  • @Carlos – Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on a few things to help you manage doing business in multiple currencies. Look for announcements on this blog soon…

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