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Introducing the Account Overview screen

Here at Harvest, our goal is to help our customers track and organize their business’s time and money.  In line with this goal, we’ll be releasing a new Account Overview screen next week.  This screen allows our customers to see, at-a-glance, how much time has been logged recently, the amount of money collected via invoicing, how active projects are tracking against project estimates, and any bits about Harvest we may have published to this blog. And to get more information on any of the statistics on this screen, one simply clicks to drill down for more information.

We think the Account Overview screen will be a great way for individuals and teams to stay on top of their hours, project progress and invoices.  Look for this new screen in all account next week!

Note: Screenshot shows the Account Overview screen as seen by an administrator.  Project managers and normal users see information pertaining to their assigned projects and time only.

Update 6 Aug, 2008 – Account Overview is now available for all accounts!  Just click on the Reports tab.

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  • Great news!

    Thanks to keep improving Harvest and making our life more easy ;)

  • Bingo! I’ve been looking for this type of screen since I started using Harvest. The default Reports screen, while great for general time-tracking purposes, is lacking a lot of other useful information.

  • Yet more goodness! This looks really awesome guys, thanks for spending the time to keep refining the software.

    One question – is there still not a way to see running totals for how much money I have made for each project, that has yet to be invoiced? I think that is the only remaining ‘want’ on my Harvest to-do list.

  • @Paul – that’s very much on our radar and it will be a reality in the near future!

  • Very nice. Keep it coming!

  • Off-topic, but I’ve been dying to ask…

    Any chance we may see a native iPhone app? The Web App is nice, the the increased response of a native app UI would put me in heaven…

  • Fantastic! Can’t wait for it to be rolled out. Love the online software and the way it works, but will definitely love this new layout and at-a-glance feature! WTG!

    Also, I second the notion of A.Fruit. I too would love a native IPhone App.

    And While I’m mentioning requests, a request for Expense Entry in the Mac Dashboard widget would be great too!

    Keep up the great work!

  • @Scott and @A.Fruit – Your feedback on the iPhone app has been noted… some more goodness for your desktop will be coming down the pike soon, too.

  • Keep up the great work! give me modular panels and built in tickets!

  • Looks cool guys!

    Would it be possible to give us the option to hide/swap around the panels… I don’t use harvest for invoicing, but I love the time tracking summary.

    :D And I get your news via RSS…

  • This is great. I was in the process of showing your site to a client as an example of a great user experience for an online HR app and lo and behold there was a dashboard view which is exactly what I had been talking about with them!

    One point – as an information architect, this screen logically (for me at least) would sit very comfortably as a Harvest home page (i.e. above all the other tabs) rather than within the reporting tab…. that said, love it love it love it

  • This looks great! It does seem that some sort of customizability would really add to it, so whatever is the most important aspect of reporting for a given company is front and center. (Pretty much ditto what Nik Wakelin says)

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