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Currency and date format, your way

As of today, you can configure how currency and dates are formatted in Harvest. Some of you use comma as the decimal separator, or write the currency symbol after the number, or put date before month – it’s all good, just go to Manage > Account Settings and click on Edit Preferences and configure to your heart’s content.

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  • Mohamed Fahmy on August 29, 2008

    That is a good improvement, i hope one day we will see the ability to configure the first day of the week, working days, and weekends. Is this planned anytime soon ?

  • Mohamed, ability to configure the first day of the week is not in our immediate plans, but it is on our radar. Stay tuned.

  • Hi one thing I would be interested in is the ability to configure what the variable “tax” is called in invoices. In Australia, we need to call it GST to be a legally acceptable invoice, I’m guessing people in the UK need to call it VAT.

    At the moment I need to manually do invoices for this reason, but still love the ease of use of Harvest for time management.

  • @Michael – You can translate the label “Tax” to “GST” by simply navigating to Invoices > Configure > Translation. Let us know if you need further help.

  • Thanks Harvest, found it. Changing to GST and the updated dates system (day/month/year) means we can now use harvest for invoices in Australia.


  • Heiko Kanzler on September 9, 2008

    Great, just only ONE last enhancement: please allow the dateformat “” (decimal point as a delimter).

    That would be perfect!

  • I only use Harvest for a short time but it has become indispensable already.
    Do you have any plans to allow adjusting the currency symbols in reports. I am billing some clients in EURO and some others in USD.
    I know I can set the currency symbol but in reports it still remains the default $ symbol.
    Thanks for the help and keep up the great work!

  • Any news on whether Harvest will support 2 tax fields?

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