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Introducing Recurring Invoice

Today we are introducing a new feature for you to set up scheduled, recurring invoices, which Harvest will automatically create and send for you.  Let’s say you bill your customer monthly for a retainer, now you can create a recurring invoice, and each month on a scheduled date, Harvest will send your client the invoice automatically.  You will have less things to worry about, and the recurring invoice dashboard will help you keep track of all your periodic billing in one place.

How does it work?

Navigate to Invoices > Recurring, click on the button “Create recurring invoice“. Choose a client, and you’ll see the invoice form, which is very similar to the normal invoice form except for an extra section on top for you to choose the start date, frequency and recipient for the invoice.

You can also create a recurring invoice out of an existing invoice: go to any of your invoices in Harvest, and along on top where all the buttons are – you’ll see a new button that says, “Create recurring“. Click on that, and Harvest will automatically pull all that data into the recurring invoice form.

We hope you find this new feature useful!

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  • Thats great!! Now how about recurring projects too?

    We have monthly retained projects where the hours reset to zero every month.

  • Nice one!
    I’m considering being your customer and I just downloaded the free trial.
    Recurring Invoice are very useful.
    there 2 more features missing for me:
    1. recurring expanses
    2. more organized tasks – when I look on tasks I would like to see it by project and change the priority.
    but again, very nice product!.
    thanks, Avner

  • Great Stuff,

    Would definitely love some recurring expenses – I have tons of them, like Harvest subscription!

  • Wonderful, thanks Harvest folks.

    We now really need task estimates/quotes : with client approval process.

  • Awwwwwww yes. Awesome and wonderful. Goodbye Blinksale, may your dormancy haunt me no more.

  • Excellent feature. I already liked your services, but this is a great addition.

  • My firm was getting tempted to roll our own invoicing app to do our time tracking AND recurring invoicing. You just locked us in to Harvest for a long time, and we’re happier for it. :)

  • excellent upgrade thanks! using it loads!

    Can we have invoice reminder emails – automated reminders that get sent out to clients based on the invoice credit terms. In the current environment I am sure everyone would want this!!!!

  • I need recurring expenses!!

  • yes please, recurring expenses would be a life-saver!

  • Recurring Projects +1

    We have clients on website support agreements – whereby they might, for example, have 3 hours per month.

    Currently we are setting up one annual job for X; lets use the 3 hours per month example = 36 hours per annum

    We then set a notification as a percentage of this (i.e. 8.13% in month one) BUT have to remember to do this each month!

    A recurring project with X number of hours per month would make it real easy to manage and also invoice any time in addition.

    Of course if anyone has a better workflow to get round this I am all ears!


    p.s. We are a customer of Harvest with 11 people using it.

  • We’ve got a thread on the forum about this monthly budget issue @Myles, where a few people have addressed the issue:

    Know that we’ve got this monthly budget feature on our radar, and I’m replying to directly through your support request as well – Thanks!

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