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The Next Little Thing from Harvest

Here at Harvest, we constantly aim to optimize our internal process, communication, and productivity.  Our team is spread across 3 locations, 3 timezones.  We stay in touch with a variety of great tools including 37signal’s Basecamp for project management and Campfire for group chat.  Over the last couple months, we added another layer of casual communication into the mix.  This layer keeps everyone up to date on who’s currently working, what they’re working on, what they plan to do next, and a casual list on items of interest to the team (e.g. SNL skits).  While we don’t all work in the same physical location, having a real-time work log with a watercooler twist keeps everyone in sync and engaged.

To power this layer of casual communication in the name of team collaboration, we created the Harvest Co-op.

In the coming days, we’ll put our product through its paces with beta release.  If you are interested in partaking in our Beta, please let us know by signing up below.

P.S. Teams currently using Harvest will be able to seamlessly integrate with Co-op and reap its benefits without any additional effort.  More on this soon!

Update: beta list is now closed, but you can sign up for the Co-op launch list.

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  • Great feature – we have the same type of team setup and are currently using (In/Out) emails to the whole team.

    Out = Things we did yesterday
    In = Things we’re planning on working on today.

    We also have week goals. We’re able to see how well people are doing on their goals by the (In/Out) emails.

  • Hey folks – mind if I write up a quick blog post about my experience with the Co-op beta?

  • @Wayde Go for it!

  • John Murphy on October 14, 2008

    This looks Fantastic! (But of course I’m a fan of any Harvest/Zendesk Inititive.)

    Will Co-op have a solo plan for us poor disgruntled IT managers to log what we did? Will there be a limit on how many things the system remembers like in Backpack Journal? I’ve been looking for a replacement for Backpack, but cant seem to find a good one. It is my hope that Co-Op will let you select a user and run a “What did he do report” on a date range. Waiting in anticipation :-) –JM

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