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Automatic reminder for submitting timesheet

Update 05-29-2018: We’ve made some changes to how automatic reminders work since publishing this blog post. You can read the latest here.

We just added a tool for you to set up a weekly email to remind your staff to submit their timesheets for approval.  Try this out by going to Timesheets > Unsubmitted, and look on the right side.  Click on the button “Edit Reminder” and choose which day you’d like this email to send out.  That’s it – Harvest will send out an email to your staff around 4pm every week on that particular day.

We hope this new feature will help you save some time from administration.  Note that this feature is available for Business Plan only, and you need to be an administrator on the account to see this feature.

Update: this feature now works for Basic plans as well. To see it, please make sure you have Timesheet Approval activated (via Manage > Account Settings), and go to Timesheets > Unsubmitted.

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  • I love this in theory… but can we take it one step further and allow only certain people to be reminded? I.e., our CEO has timesheet-entering capabilities, but doesn’t regularly submit time… I don’t want to pester him with emails every week! Plus, our contractors aren’t always active at the same time! Opting people in or out via a check-box would be extremely helpful!

  • I agree with Darcey.

    No love for users on sponsored plans? :)

    Great update guys – nice work.

  • Graham Robson on October 29, 2008

    I was just about to ask for this feature – good work.

    However, as per Darcey’s comment. We really need this to be targetable. I have some users in the system who have access to the system to see reports, but don’t actually book time themselves.

  • Ditto to what Darcey and Graham said – and any chance of turning this feature on for Basic plan customers?

  • Alright guys, this feature is now enabled for Basic Plans as well. Enjoy!

  • Hey guys

    Thanks so much for turning this on for basic plans.

    However, it would be great to be able to turn on this feature without forcing timesheet approval (we trust out staff enough not to approve their timesheets, but would love for them to have email reminders) – is this possible?

  • Christie Nielsen on November 17, 2008

    I would like this feature a lot more if I could choose weekends or the time of day as well so first thing on Monday morning they would be reminded to submit last week’s time – do I have any hope?

  • This is a handy feature. Thanks for adding it.

    I may as well try my luck and add to the wishlist:

    1) Definitely agree with Darcey on “allow only certain people to be reminded?”

    2) Not everyone may be doing their timesheet on a weekly basis and weekly reminders could appear a bit ‘pesky’. Could you add a date picker or recurrence selector to allow selection of more flexible times for the automatic reminder email? For example, recur on this day every fortnight or last weekday of every month.

  • I’m with Gavin. I’d like to be able to pick a date (i.e. the 15th or 30th) of every month. We don’t pay our contractors on a weekly basis…more monthly.


  • Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. We’re taking them into account as we improve things!

  • +1 To weekend reminders! I want my employees to be reminded to submit their timesheets first thing Monday morning.

    With the current set up the closest I can get is the previous Friday at 4pm (work week’s not even over yet) or Monday at 4pm. What about a Sunday option? That way they get the reminder first thing on Monday :)

  • Morten Irgens on January 14, 2009

    May I propose to increase the value of this feature considerably by making the reminders conditional on timesheet submission; e.g. a reminder will be sent out 4PM on Friday if timesheet for the last week has not been received by then (or make it more general, sending out a reminder every n days at x o’clock if a timesheet for the last n days has not been received by then).

  • My studio bills monthly as well, it would be great if we could choose to submit an entire months worth of hours at once as well as send out monthly reminders.

    regardless I’ll be using the reminder. Thanks!

  • Can I echo the request to be able to choose the time that the very useful reminders would be sent out at? We’re lucky enough to finish at 4pm on a Friday, it would be great to send the emails out at 3pm.


  • We need our co-workers to submit daily, therefore it would be awesome if it was possible to send a reminder email each day at 4pm. based on the condition that they haven’t filled in their time that day.

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