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Co-op, a free communication tool for teams, has launched!

We’re proud to announce that Co-op, our newest creation which works great as a Harvest add-on or as a stand-alone app, has officially launched.

Coop is a free web-app that helps small teams answer three questions: 1) what is everyone doing now, 2) what are we working on today, and 3) what have we accomplished yesterday.  Co-op’s workstream keeps everyone on your team in the loop and the best part it effortlessly let’s you track your time while you work via an integration with Harvest. Coop will help your team work more efficiently, and you can join Co-op today.

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  • Is there any plan on “Reverse Integrating” it into Harvest?

    That is, having a view directly within Harvest to post what your doing, see what others are doing…

    (oerhaps this is already there, but I haven’t found it)

  • @A.Fruit There’s currently no “reverse integration”, and there are no immediate plans for such a feature, but we may do something about that in the future.

  • I’m with @A.Fruit. Having a separate site, separate login, and multi-step process to connect it with a Harvest account for each user means this just won’t get used by our company.

    I love the idea, but less would be more in this case, especially since the service is supposedly all about Harvest integration.

  • As an end user, absolutely love it!

    Only pain is not being able to edit your entries – If I could do that, I would most likely use Co-Op over the Harvest app.

    Also, I don’t know if this is because our group hasn’t been setup correctly, but all time stamps are 1 day behind.
    We are in GMT+10, so currently all my entries are popping up as happening tomorrow :)

    Great work!

  • Even just a link to connect the two services would be nice.

  • I like the overview glance of what everyone is doing,but I have to agree that this would be better integrated into harvest; a dashboard view for everyone. We already have to log into Basecamp, and sometimes Harvest, not to mention our other applications we require as a company, this doesn’t hit us as something we’d want to complicate ourselves with more.

  • Started using it about a month ago (free trial expiring so considering signing up my team for the paid version). Overall the product fits my needs.

    +1 For better integration, or at an absolute minimum a link between the two. It’s weird that you integrated them well on backend side, with Coop writing data into Harvest, but there is no UI integration that would allow me to go from coop directly to harvest.

    If your goal is to use Coop to get people to sign up for harvest, I find the choice to “hide” Harvest very strange.

  • Thanks for the comments, everyone! @Jean the hiding is not intentional and we’ll certainly improve things there. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Nat Papovich on March 30, 2009

    Any news in the past few months on Co-op? We’re
    trialing it and Campfire and haven’t noticed much
    attention paid to this app. For instance, tighter
    integration between Harvest and Co-op? Desktop
    clients (like Propane for Campfire)? iPhone interface?
    Maybe integration with Twitter? How about groups
    grouping so a single company can manage multiple
    groups? And searching the archive is super-important.

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