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Invoice update: second tax field

Many of our international customers need to apply more than one tax to their invoices, and now you can do that in Harvest.  Create any invoice, and after you put in the first tax, you’ll notice a link next to the tax field that says, Apply another tax.  Click on that and you’ll get the second tax field.

You can also specify your default taxes via Invoices > Configure.  Look for the section Default Settings, and click on the link Specify default values.  You’ll then see a screen much like the screenshot above.  You can type in your taxes, and choose how you’d like your taxes calculated.  If you’re a Canadian business, the Compound method is probably what you’re looking for.

You can also translate the label for the second tax via Invoices > Configure, under the section Translation (towards the bottom of the page).

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  • Thanks for the new feature.

    If you’re a Canadian business, you’ll only be wanting to use compound if you’re in Quebec or Prince Edward Island. Those are the only provinces that apply the federal 5% GST on top of the provincial tax.

  • That is perfect. Thank you very much!

  • Actually Dave you have it backwards. Most Canadian businesses would use Simple instead of Compound. Each tax is applied on the sub-total, not applied to an already taxed amount.

    What we DO need is a way of reporting the Pre-tax Subtotal, GST, PST, and Combined Total of all invoices that run from one date to another.

    Canadians submit GST and PST quarterly or monthly. Invoice totals must be broken down showing totals of taxes individually.

    This type of reporting is what has always prevented me from using most systems. It’s a simple report but most apps don’t have it. I had to get one custom made for StudioCzar – but that app has been discontinued so I’m starting my search again as no new updates are expected.

  • Dear Harvest when you poking around in the invoice sektion of your beautiful program you maybe can add a more graphic adjustable invoice generator.

    The invoices we send to our klients look like schiiite

  • Thank you from Quebec for Compound Taxes.

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