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Pending Approval Updates

Today we released a few improvements for the Pending Approval section (a feature for Harvest Basic and Business accounts only):

  • You can now sort submitted timesheets by week, projects, or people.
  • When viewed by projects, we improved the header for each section, so that the project named is followed by project code and client name.
  • For those with many pages of timesheets: after you approve one, you will be taken back to the page you were last on.

These improvements should make it a whole lot easier to manage, review and approve timesheets, and we hope these updates will save you some precious time!

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  • Larry Deckel on October 10, 2008

    Sorting is the one thing I’ve been dying to see implemented in the daily TimeSheets.

    RIght now, I usually have a dozen client/task combinations on my daily time sheet… and they are all displayed in the order I created them. But it makes it hard to find the one I’m looking for as I jump back and forth between clients and tasks.

    Would REALLY like to see the ability to sort by client/project task, from within the Daily and Weekly Timesheet view.

    Any chance of this coming before long?


  • I frequently go back to “expenses” and need to make changes. The problem is that when you finally find the expense you are looking for, you have to unlock the timesheet, which then jumps back to the beginning, so that you have to basically start over once unlocked. It would be awesome if these extra steps could be avoided.

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