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Detailed Time Report, and Marking Hours as Invoiced

We’re really excited to announce our latest updates to Harvest: Detailed Time Report + Marking Hours Invoiced.  You can find this new section under Reports > Detailed Time.  The report runs fairly straight-forward: you choose a timeframe, and select any of the options (clients, project or people) and generate the report.  The magic happens on the resulting report.  Some highlights:

  • You can filter the result and show just billable hours, non-billable hours, or uninvoiced hours.
  • You can mark the hours as invoiced (or reverse it by marking them uninvoiced).
  • On the report header, you can quickly see how many uninvoiced, billable hours you have left – and you can click on a button to export all the time entries to Excel or QuickBooks.
  • You’ll notice that after you invoice for a project, those hours will automatically be marked as invoiced.

With this latest round of updates, you can now easily check how many billable hours you need to invoice for a client.  One caveat: once you invoice for, say, the entire month of October – Harvest will basically lock that month so your timesheet will not let you edit those entries (if you need to edit the time, all you have to do is to mark those hours as uninvoiced on the Detailed Time Report).

Big thanks to Dee for the latest round of updates to Harvest!

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  • I’ve been pushing for this functionality for a while now, so I’m really choked to see that you guys have again taken on board feedback from users, and continue to improve the product. (Don’t think I haven’t noticed the slow roll out of the new button style either – I love it!)

    However, I do have a few comments regarding this new reporting tool.

    Firstly, it seems quite separated from the rest of the product, and perhaps duplicates a lot of the existing functionality available in the standard time report option. (I guess the major difference is that this report omits estimates?)

    Also there still seems to be no way for me to generate a report telling me how much money I can invoice for (i.e. take the hours and multiply by the hourly rate), so this is a calculation I’m having to do on paper! Hopefully this will come in a future update.

    Again, thanks for the continued updates, and keep up the amazing work!


  • I track time against different tasks, for example, Development and Project Management, but collapse those into one line when I invoice: Development. Being able to go back and mark those other hours as invoiced is killer. Thanks for a continually awesome service, Harvest team.

    – Mark

  • Yes, Bravo! Harvest continues to be one of the best web apps that I use daily.

  • Hi guys, love the software but theres one thing I believe is a simple an important feature missing. I want to be able to add ftp details for each project in the system. This could be a simple description field, or notes textarea so I can paste it in and me and my colleagues can check it out.

  • I love this! Saves me time. I second the collapsing of tasks into 1 line for invoicing. Can that be an option when building the Detailed Time report?

  • Thanks for this new tool guys – its great. My only caveat similar to the first commenter is that the dollar amount associated with these hours (and a total) is really critical to make the report truly useful. I love so much about harvest but at the end of the day I want to have quick access to dollar amounts etc in all reports (even more then hours though both are preferred). It seems like I’m always having to dig to get this info and at the end of the day at least for our business – this is the #1 data point we (business managers, project managers, and our clients) want quick access to.

    Thanks for your continued updates and responsiveness!

  • Great new tool – and I have to agree with Paul and Brian. An instant report of the dollar amount associated with hours accrued but not yet invoiced is a critical piece of information so I can see how we’re tracking against budgets, how much revenue we can expect for the month, etc. It would be especially nice for Harvest to do it since billing rates vary between employees, clients, projects and task, and it can be time-consuming to calculate it by hand.

  • Stacy Evans on December 23, 2008

    I also agree strongly about dollar amounts. I need to be able to track where we are on project against the amount of the budget. Anytime soon?

  • I’ll add yet another vote for showing dollars on the report. Now, it seems a couple of different things are being asked in the comments here. I just want to see the hours multiplied by the rate to show an amount. Some have asked for a way to do current total against budget. If providing that may be challenging for some reason, please don’t hold off on the simpler improvement. :-)

    Another nice thing would be for the report to be groupable or sortable. It would be nice to group by project or client, so we could see the total hours/amount available to be invoiced. Someone may say that this is the purpose of the main regular “time” report, but that doesn’t offer a means to restrict to uninvoiced hours, the way the updated “detailed time” does as announced above.

    Of course, another nice feature would be for that “regular time” report to have an option for uninvoiced, like it does with its button on its left for billable/non-billable. But that’s getting beyond the focus of this entry.

    Still, like others have said, thanks for all the updates, and keep up the good work.

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