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A Flurry of Updates Before 09

We’ve added a bunch of new features to Harvest, right before we welcome the new year:

  • Estimate by people hours. It works just like estimate by task hours, but you can now put in estimated hours by each person on each project.
  • Duplicate invoice. On each invoice, you can now duplicate the invoice by clicking on the button More Actions > Duplicate.
  • Quarterly recurring invoice. We added an option to send out recurring invoices each quarter.
  • Optional project notes. By default, project notes are only shown to administrators on your account.  You can change that permission, so that project managers can also see the notes.  To do that, go to Manage > Account Settings.  Look under Preferences and you can edit the setting there.
  • Department for people. You’ll find an extra field under Manage > People.  You can put in a department for each person, and then under Reports > Detailed Reports you can run reports for each department (note: this is only for Business Plan accounts).

Hope you find the new updates useful!

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  • You guys rock. Happy New Year!

  • Very nice set of minor new features.

    Please don’t take the word ‘minor’ in any negative way. Its these incremental updates that continue to make Harvest the best time tracking app out there.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • It’s all about kaizen. Keep up the good work!

  • Nice Little Nuggets…

    Keep it up.

  • This is one of the coolest apps on the planet. Keep up the great work, Harvest!!

  • I’ve noticed too that you can now edit a timer while it’s running. Very nice addition.

  • Thanks for all your hard work over the last year, continuing to polish and improve the application. There is no better feeling than using a product that you know is being actively supported.

    I couldn’t finish the year without a little re-cap on my Harvest wish list. Hopefully some of these will come in 2009:

    * Reports on total income earned, as well as hours spent on projects.

    * The ability to close invoices, regardless of their current state. (I have an ‘unpaid invoice’ still open, even though the balance was cleared in a later invoice).

    * I keep finding myself confused by dates throughout the system (I keep expecting them to be in US format, not the British format I’ve picked in the settings). An option to select a date format with an abbreviated date (i.e. 31-Dec-08) would mean a little less head scratching from myself!

    * A native Mac OS X, rather than a dashboard widget. At the very least, it would be nice to see the widget get some love in 2009 – it feels a little neglected at the moment.

    * A native iPhone app, alongside the already awesome iPhone optimised site (i.e the ability to record hours when there is no data connectivity).

    Thanks again for all your hard work – Happy New Year!

  • Hi Paul,

    I just saw your comment. Personally, re: closing invoices, I’d prefer to apply the appropriate amount to each invoice from the same check. I.e., $1000 to invoice 55 and then $1500 to invoice 92, where the check was written for $2,500. Would that accomplish the goal?

    Native mac and iPhone apps would be great in my book too. I know the Harvest iPhone app has gotten top marks, but some weird stuff does happen, and I hate having to keep logging in, especially as I use OpenID.


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the tip! To be honest, this is something that’s only a problem due to one client over paying an invoice, and then in under-paying a second to rectify it, underpaid the underpayment — needless to say, much confusion!

    In my records I’ve tried to be accurate in recording the money I received as payment for each invoice – so one has +$109.94, whilst the other (that I now wish to close) is down as unpaid, at -$109.94, although strictly speaking that isn’t true.

    This is probably only a problem I’m experiencing, but ‘closing’ invoices was a feature in Blicksale, and would be well suited to my issues here, and I’m sure a few other scenarios too.


  • I used to Freshbooks myself.

    In both FB and Harvest, I record the check # in the Notes field when I receive payment, so in this case, you’d be able to track that by noting the same check paid both balances.

    – Mark

  • Are these updates included through the API as well? If so, has the documentation been updated to represent these updates?

    Thanks, and great work.

  • Hi Harvest,
    Would love to see Harvest providing an estimate feature thats built like the invoice feature you have, so that we can create ‘free form’ estimates for things like products and services and not just time based, A lot of our clients require project estimates before we start work. Also an option to edit the invoice templates would be really useful.


  • I second the estimate request. An easy way to implement might be to allow us to have more than one saved template for our invoices (currently known as our invoice “translation” in the Harvest app). If we could create two different “translations”, we’d be able to customize one to look like an estimate. Of course, it would also be neat if we could take that estimate and automatically create an invoice for it later, too.

    I’m just getting into Harvest, but so far I am impressed. Thanks!

  • awesome works guys. People hours estimation just removed a nasty Numbers-based step for us. Huzzah!

  • Excelllllent..

  • Thanks also from us for all your hard work, and for actively updating your product. It has proven very helpful to us. We’re still anxiously awaiting a sort option for the invoices whereby we can toggle them by ID as well as date of issue. Thanks again.

  • Robert Cole on April 7, 2009

    The estimate by people hours functionality has been very useful for our company in that it has allowed us to set project budgets based on the rates of the people doing the work. Thanks for implementing this one.

    Is there any plan to allow for tracking of budget used vs. estimated in the estimates report?

    Currently we can only track against how many hours are used and remaining in each project. It would be very useful to track budget used and remaining on each project and have a total budget for active projects along with how much is used and remaing to allow us to see how much active work is being done by our company.

    Keep up the good updates!

  • @Robert – We’ve got plans for that.

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