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Harvest Plays Nice With Twitter

We wanted to say ‘Hello’ to all our friends and Twitter followers and let you know that we’ve improved the integration between Harvest and Twitter, and  you are now able to start a timer remotely through Twitter.

It’s simple to stop and start a timer, as well as log expenses from anywhere by texting direct message commands to Harvest through Twitter. You can read all about how this works on our Harvest Twitter page. Now you can access Harvest anywhere you can send a text. We’re always looking to hear your ideas and feedback, so send us a tweet or an email and let us know how you are using Harvest.

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  • Cool. Twitter integration is a smart addition for web apps. Nicely done—keep it up.

  • Very cool!!

  • Bora Nikolic on January 20, 2009


    Great start but this service is more on the useless side if I’m unable to switch between projects and roles. Please consider adding this functionality, I would definitively start using Twitter as my default bridge to Harvest.

    I also wanted to mention that I use TwitterFox ( a firefox plugin. Your twitter info page ( should talk about the possibility of using other twitter clients apart from the cellphone/textmessage. I certainly got a wrong impression.

  • Very impressed with the software, very impressed with the twitter integration, bit strange I couldn’t fit my whole name in the name box on the your blog, but i’ll forgive you for having a damn good product here!

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