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New Feature: Unit Pricing for Expenses

A new, useful feature for expenses has been launched today: you can now specify unit price and unit name for each expense category.  If you specify unit pricing, remember to give it a unit name (or it won’t work); and once you add the category, you can track it under Timesheets > Expenses, where you can record how many units you need to track – and Harvest will do the calculation for you.

This is just one of many updates we plan to bring to Expense tracking.  What other changes and improvements would help you and your team manage expenses?

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  • Thanks guys for continuing to make Harvest even better than it already is.

    One small improvement in expense tracking would be the option to track miles by miles, and not convert to a dollar amount.

    I give my accountant a total yearly miles report, and not a dollar amount.

  • What I’d like to see for expense tracking:

    – very helpful: taxes for expenses (so I don’t have to factor out the tax amount when putting the expense into an invoice)
    – nice-to-have: a factor for cost forwarding. We have an employee who has a flat-rate train ticket; he enters the regular ticket price for train rides (so we can later prove to tax authorities that there is no monetary benefit to him personally; don’t ask, this is Germany, there’s procedures and rules for everything…), but I’d like to bill my clients only half the price of the regular ticket.

    For expense reports, the projects dropdown doesn’t use optgroups, so it’s kind of hard to find the right project quickly (besides the fact that you can select a project that doesn’t belong to the customer you selected).

    Also, could you introduce client IDs? I can enter project IDs, but nothing for a client (client number is basically what I want)

  • Kevin Jacobson on January 26, 2009

    Standard Milage Rates for the US have changed for 2009. I’m not sure where the default Harvest unit per mile comes from, but perhaps you should update it?,,id=200505,00.html

  • @Kevin We’ll update our records, thanks! Meanwhile, you can update the mileage rate via Manage > Expenses. Just click on Mileage and you can type in the new rate.

  • This helps so much for all the stock photography I have to purchase for client projects. Thank you!!!

  • @Amie Thanks. We’re all smiles to hear this feature is helping you!!

  • We would like to have the expenses separated from the timesheet approvals. We have up to 60 days to submit expenses. This can occur many weeks after a timesheet has been submitted and approved. However, currently, once a timesheet has been submitted and approved you cannot submit an expense for the same time period. For now, we still have to stick with Excel to submit expenses.

  • Robert Cole on April 7, 2009

    I second the comment by the person who would like to see tax fields for expenses. The way things are now, we would have to remove taxes on each expense item on an invoice which ends up being a lot of work.

    For this reason, we are only using time tracking right now and have not included expense tracking.

  • @Robert – Sound suggestion, and we’ll be looking to improve our expense area so things like this will be possible. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Taxes for expenses would be very useful!

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