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Invoice Updates: Payment Received Report, Improved Dashboard and Draft Invoices

We’ve just released a few updates to the Harvest invoicing tool: an improved Invoice Dashboard, draft mode for invoices, and a brand new Payments Received Report.

The Invoice Dashboard has been updated so that you can quickly scan through all the outstanding invoices, and see what invoices are in draft mode, which have already been sent, or which are late.  You can also use the nifty links on top to filter through the list and see only the ones you need.

We’ve also added draft mode to invoices, so when you create and save a new invoice, it will be saved as a draft – until you send it through Harvest, or mark it as sent by clicking More Actions > Mark As Sent.

The new Payments Received Report makes keeping track of invoice payments easier and more accurate. You can quickly generate a report that shows what payments have been received in a given timeframe. Just go to Invoices > Report, click on “Create New Report” and you’ll see two options: generate an Invoice Report, or a Payments Received Report.

Many of the new features and improvements we add to Harvest come directly from you, the Harvest users. What other improvements can we add to Harvest invoicing to help simplify your billing? Please let us know via the support form.

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  • What about a way to mark invoices which will probably never be paid? The problem: you don’t want them to appear in the general outstanding invoices area but you don’t want to delete it either (you do want to keep a record.)

  • I’ve made similar requests for such a feature too, just the ability to mark an invoice as ‘closed’ even if it remains unpaid.

  • Great updates! I would still love to see a report on the amount of time accrued but not yet invoiced…i.e. total amount, with a drill-down by client and by project. Would be great for revenue forecasting and also for budget planning.

  • Invoice Updates on February 23, 2009

    Hmm, I can’t see these updates. Are they available on the Solo plan?

  • I’m with Jeanne on that feature. Would be great, because work in progress is as good as stock on a shelf.

    Great update anyway, thanks.

  • Hey guys, I love the draft mode, but could you now make the Last Used hint (next to Invoice ID) search for latest Invoice ID *which isn’t empty*?

    I create drafts without an ID. They can be sent in a two weeks or month or never, so I determine ID for them just before sending. In the meantime when I draw a regular invoice I’m getting a blank hint :-(

  • I have to check it out fully, but initial reaction:


  • The enhancements to the Invoices framework are great: being able to mark them as Draft and then Sent scratches an itch I’ve had for a while. Thanks!.

    But I’m still hoping to see you improve the Reports Overview screen for those of us who work in multiple currencies: pesos, euros, etc. At present, I have a number of open invoices, but the Overview shows “Amount outstanding $0.00 (0 invoices)” under the Invoices Summary heading. That’s because the open invoices are not in my default currency. I understand that it’s tough dealing with a multiplicity of currencies, but the present Overview indication that “0 invoices” are outstanding is just plain wrong.

    Under the heading “Invoice Summary”, could you show an _accurate_ summary of the number of open invoices, regardless of currency, and then show (in smaller text) the total amount of those that are in the default currency? Even some sort of indicator that there are ‘hidden’ invoices would be helpful. A little red asterisk or something to draw attention to the fact that the “$0.00, 0 invoices” status is not accurate, perhaps.

    Note that the Time Summary in the first column of the page shows hours spent regardless of the applicable currency. So be consistent: display the _number_ of outstanding and invoiced this month invoices correctly (i.e. ALL currencies), and then report the dollar value of the subset in smaller font.

    Or – better yet – expand the width of the Invoices Summary column, making room for currency rollup in two or perhaps 3 currencies, and move the Harvest News digest down, adjacent to Recently Active Projects.

  • I’d second the vote for the “closed” or similar status. I just deleted 4 invoices (OUCH) that won’t be paid by my client. I’d prefer to keep a record of such events, versus purging it from my system.

  • Business Invoicing on March 16, 2009

    I have a similar question as the comment above. Is there a way to mark invoices that may never be paid? I have also tried using business invoices through It helps shorten your Accounts Receivable cycle and receive payment faster. Other than that, I think your product is great

  • Hi Harvest,
    Any further development in creating an general project estimate function so that we can generate an estimate which can allow for a project’s production costs, and associated fees/services etc. Unfortunately we have to do all of our project estimates in indesign where as all of our project invoices are done through harvest.

    I think others have posted queries about this also. It really would be a great function that would help everyone.

  • If I might suggest two more improvements to the invoices:

    1. Add the ability to sort invoices by projects. Currently we are only able to sort by Client, which causes problems because sometimes we have many projects with one client and things are hard to sort out.

    2. Add a “late fee” option to the invoices. Currently if a Client does not pay there is no way to add a late fee to the subtotal amount at on the invoice. It would be great to be able to add fees to the invoice just like we can apply previous payments to invoices.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hi-

    I just cancelled my solo contract due to features you didn’t have. However, I’m hoping foe another upgrade. Comments by Aaron and Paul; Jeanne; and Adam are features I was looking to have. Once these features are upgraded, I can then come back to Harvest.

    Thank you-


  • @Michele and everyone else who commented on the ability to close invoices which are not going to be paid in full: we’ve been working on this improvement and expect to see it in live in less than a week!

  • John Allan on October 26, 2010

    Is there a report that shows when a payment was received? I see this info at the bottom of the overview page (only for the last 10 invoices) but not anywhere else. My bookkeeper says this info is integral to keeping our books balanced.

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