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Scheduled Maintenance: February 7th

We’re performing infrastructure upgrades this coming Saturday at 1:00AM ET (what time is that for you?).  Harvest will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour while we make some upgrades to our service infrastructure.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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  • Hi Harvest,

    Just wondered if you might be able to implement that ‘Project estimate feature’ sometime this year. We feel that this feature would really help. It would have the ability to have an open-form estimate where users could estimate a complete project with production costs. (At present the estimate feature in harvest is an estimate of time only)

    Many thanks

  • hi Toby. The answer is yes. We are looking at different ways to address this, and we completely understand how it can help. So stay tuned, we’re constantly making improvements and we’ll address this soon!

  • I too am anxiously awaiting the lump sum project estimate option. Thanks for continuing to improve this service!

  • And word on issues with the Harvest CO-OP not tracking time this morning? Also, Harvest CO-OP user pages is also down. Any word as why this may be happening?

    Also, is there a Community section were items like this can be posted or discussed. Love the application( 3 Days into my trail), but find it hard to convince our Senior Creative Director about it’s power when it goes down.



  • I wanted to know if there has been any progress made on the ability to apply a lump sum estimate to an entire job as was discussed a month or so ago. Harvest is a great tool, but until we can create a lump sum estimate on our projects we can’t track our progress as the job moves through the different phases of work.

    I spoke with some of you on the phone about the addition, and they seemed optimistic that it would be out before the end of February, I wanted to know if you have a better idea of when we can expect that update.


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