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Better & Sharper Invoice Email to Clients

This Friday we’re launching a new feature that will let you integrate PayPal with your Harvest account.  We will publish a post tomorrow to give you more details on that – but today, we’d like to first show you a small, but significant upgrade to the format of invoice emails sent to your clients.

This is what the new invoice email will look like:


We’re moving away from plain text email to HTML email, which allows for linking text and more control with formatting.  The link “Click here to view and pay invoice online” will only show up if you choose to integrate with PayPal (and you will have the option to include it or not on each invoice you send).  We chose to put in as little formatting as possible to keep the email small and light (faster delivering and rendering), and at the same time add some visual design to the email, so that it’s easier for your clients to scan.

We hope you find this small upgrade useful!

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  • Love it! I’ve been including a link to my homemade Paypal gateway page since I started using Harvest, but now I’m assuming I can route people directly to Paypal without having to click an extra time, and the payments won’t have to be logged as donations anymore (due to the customer inputted amount).

    Nice work!

  • Bobby, thanks for the compliment. We’ll be posting all the details of the PayPal integration this week, but yes, it will give you the option to send clients directly to PayPal via the invoice, and will log the payment in Harvest as well.

  • Another win.

    Keep ’em coming boys. Brilliant.

  • Is this supposed to be live now or on Friday? I just sent an ugly text invoice :'(

  • Hi Craig, the new invoice emails will be live on Friday, so we wanted to announce it and give people some warning about the change.

  • Just a caution about your moving from plain text email to HTML email: some email servers will regard HTML email as spam if it doesn’t include also a plain-text alternate configured as a multi-part email.

    Folks may not notice this problem in mail sent from email clients as they tend to do this for you, but when mail is sent from a server (as in your case), it’s up to the server code doing the emailing to take care of this problem.

    Just a heads up to be aware of this and other issues as a result of this change. It would be quite tragic for people to “never get” our invoices because they’re marked as spam (whether by mail servers, mail clients, etc.).

  • Added functionality is great, but I’m wondering if there’s a way I can bypass the top invoice/headline bar on the graphic? For larger invoices that seems a little too ‘in your face’ for our client base…. (?)

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