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Get Paid Faster (and Greener) via Harvest + PayPal

paypalStarting this Friday, you will be able to integrate PayPal with your Harvest account. The new feature will make billing in Harvest faster, simpler and more organized; your clients will love the new simplicity and ease of paying your invoices; and our planet will appreciate the reduction on paper waste!

To activate PayPal integration, go to Invoices > Configure. Put in your PayPal email address, and you also can change the PayPal link’s language on the same page.


Once that’s set up, you’ll notice that when you send an invoice via Harvest, there’s an extra option to “include PayPal payment link“. Check that option, and your client will receive a unique URL to the invoice in their email (which is getting an upgrade this Friday, see our previous blog post), which lets them view and pay the invoice online:


On the invoice, your client can click on the button to pay for it via PayPal. Once they pay, Harvest will automatically record the payment, add it to the invoice’s Activity Log, and update the invoice’s status.

Harvest’s integration with PayPal will make your billing faster and more organized, and it will save you and your clients on paper and postage stamps with a completely paperless billing cycle for your business. Better for your business and better for our planet!

What are some other ways you wish Harvest can make your business more organized and more environmentally friendly? Please let us know by leaving a comment below or write us via our support form.

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  • Is Google Checkout in the plans?

  • Great! This will be better than when I just stick that info in the notes section now.


  • @Clifton We don’t have any plans in the works to add Google checkout, but this may be something we add down the line.

    @Scott Thanks, glad it will be a useful feature for you.

  • David Brunelle on April 15, 2009

    I’d like to see some way to automatically include a “convenience fee” when paying by PayPal. Am I wrong in recalling that PayPal charges a fee?

  • Susan Nelson on April 15, 2009

    This is a great addition to an already great application. Thanks!

    On a different note, I love the reference to the Michael Scott Paper Company. Huge fan here!

  • This is great new feature. To address the ‘convenience field’ observation – I currently point out on my invoices that a small % charge will be applied if they use PayPal as a payment method. I’m assuming this can be inserted in the custom message within PayPal itself (or it can continue to be present on the Harvest invoice).

  • This was one feature I wish was included in Harvest, and now it is, sweet! Thanks!

  • @David This is something we need to look into, because in many places there are strict laws regarding ‘convenience fees’, and in some plays they aren’t allowed. However, you can add a note to you clients and add the fee onto your invoice that way.

    @Susan Thanks! We’re also huge fans of Michael Scott here as well, and we wish him all the best with his new company (we’re glad to have him as a Harvest user…)

    @Jeffrey Thanks for the useful tip.

    @Doug Please let us know what else you’d like to see in Harvest and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

  • This is an excellent feature.

    Does Paypal charge a percentage or fee of the total amount paid?

  • @Brian – Paypal does charge a percentage AND a transaction fee for the convenience of online payment. For the complete fee schedule, please see this page:

  • I love that Harvest marks payments made thought the invoice view, this is great. I only wish I could edit/add note to that as I put fees info there for my accountant.

  • @Mike the ability to add comments to the activity log for an invoice has been in discussion here, so consider it noted!

  • Harvest + PayPal = Sweet!

  • Amen! Now I can stop using to generate invoices for online Paypal payments!

    Harvest, thank you so much for this feature. I’ve been waiting months for this, yipee!

  • It would be fantastic if this could integrate with PayPal’s recurring payment option, so that a client could sign up for a recurring paypal payment via a recurring Harvest invoice.

    Maybe a long shot, but it would be great for cash flow :)

    Thanks for continuing to improve an already excellent product.

  • Jeffrey Lee on June 9, 2009

    It would be nice if we could integrate PayPal’s Website Payments Standard/Pro with this. That way users could pay right there on the screen instead of going to PayPal. This would also make recurring payments easier.

  • I agree, we have many areas where a recurring payment would be beneficial. I haven’t yet sent invoices from Harvest, but if I had recurring payment options with recurring invoices, I would do it way more. This would be the solution to things like monthly hosting and some retainer projects we work on.

  • Awesome feature. Figured it was a matter of time before it was implemented.

    What would be even hotter would be to integrate seamlessly using PayPal Website Payments Pro, so customers could enter their credit card info directly on and avoid going to altogether.

  • I agree with some of the posters here who say that a recurring payments option for hosting and the ability to use PayPal Pro or PayFlow Pro would make this pretty much the perfect system.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Kerry. We’re going to see what we can do about a better Paypal integration.

  • One more thing that I am maybe overlooking – I do not see a way to include a link to Terms & Conditions of sale. For example Web Design Agreement &/or Hosting Terms.

  • @Kerry – you can put a link in the Notes section of your invoice. You can configure this as a default note under Invoices > Configure > Default values.

  • Yes – but it is not explicit and may be overlooked. Also I don’t think that is is a clickable link, is it?

  • There’s a lot I like about this service upon first impression, but the PayPal integration does seem a little lacking. I don’t think its been explicity mentioned, but I’d like to be able to trigger a PayPal Invoice from Harvest or make payment via PayPal a requirement as opposed to an option (90% of my billing/collections is done via PayPal for several years now).

    I don’t use Google Checkout much, but will take a look at your options there to see if that might fulfill a similar goal, but ultimately I prefer to work in PayPal using them as my merchant services provider for credit cards.

  • @Brett,

    Not sure if you use reoccurring invoices but with them, you can have the Paypal option always enabled.

    Most of my clients who pay for retainer technology or hosting services pay via Paypal on these reoccurring invoices with no problem.

  • I don’t use recurring invoices much myself, mostly I like the line item detail of paypal invoices.

  • Learnt about invoice

  • Do you think there is any chance of HARVEST allowing PAYPAL for AUD (Australian Dollars?) any time soon?

    This is a valuable feature we are missing for our clients, sadly I did not realise it was only available to the US before signing up for a year.

  • Very strange, The feature was not there this morning but now is now working!

    Great! Love it

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