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Updates to Invoice Emails & Client View

We’ve made a couple of small tweaks to the invoice flow, based on the feedback we got from everyone.

  1. Invoice email’s header is lightened up, and the invoice amount is taken out (thanks to the suggestion from Heather of People Design).
  2. After your client pays the invoice via PayPal and hit the “Return to Merchant” button, they will be returned to the invoice on your Harvest account, and they will see the message, “Thank you for your payment!”  You can change that message via Invoices > Configure > PayPal Integration.

Hope you find the two small updates useful!

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  • Can I attach a file and send it with the invoice? I can’t find a way to do it now…but it would be soooo helpful if that became possible.

  • Are there plans to create online invoices viewable by clients? (like Ballpark) Might be a little snazzier than the current email system… in the very least it would be a nice option since the logos are always quirky in the generated PDFs which don’t scream professionalism either.

  • Second that: it would be fantastic to be able to add attachments for invoices. This is particularly pertinent for expenses.

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