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Use Co-op with Harvest? Try iCo-op for your iPhone

Co-op is our simple solution for team collaboration. It’s a tool we use everyday to keep each other updated on what we’re working on right now and what we plan to work on later. It has made us more efficient as well as have more fun throughout the work day; it’s our central medium to share links and thoughts within the team. Co-op does all this while we seamlessly track time through Co-op’s Harvest integration.

CrazedCoders, a development firm which uses Harvest & Co-op, have taken the liberty to develop an amazing iPhone application using Co-op’s RESTful API. Read below for more information or download iCo-op from the iTunes Apps store (FREE)! Note: requires a Co-op account which is free to sign up via the web.


iCo-op is a native iPhone application for Co-op, a lightweight web-based project management and team collaboration tool. By providing an easy way for team members to update each other on what they are working on, iCo-op enables teams to work more efficiently and enjoyably together. With an optional integration to the Harvest time tracking and invoicing app (, professional services teams can effortlessly track time and bill clients while keeping everyone on the same page.

With iCo-op for the iPhone, staying in touch with your teammates on-the-go has never been easier. Share ideas, ask questions, or coordinate groups from wherever you are. Whether you are part of a small team in a larger company or one of many freelancers working together, iCo-op keeps you and your teammates connected so you can get more work done together.

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  • (Posting here since I can’t seem to find a CO-OP feature request area).

    I’d love to use CO-OP, and I think it would make Basecamp a thing of the past if it had more control over its Groups. For example, I’d love to set up a group that is filtered only by one client (or one project). That way, when I link it with my Harvest time tracking, it doesn’t show the tracking of all my clients to the members of this group.

  • I agree. That’s a current draw-back and request from my perspective as well as I work with multiple agencies and don’t want them seeing me working on projects that aren’t their own.

  • Barry Hess on April 20, 2009

    Thank you for the suggestion, @Bobby and @Darin. We will look into what it would take for client-limiting of Harvest display within Co-op.


  • I’d like to see a white background option–like Tweetie instead of Twitterific. The smallish fonts and white on black is hard enough to read, and the places with blue on black are still almost illegible even at maximum brightness on the phone.

    Also, the time entry page needs some refinement. Selecting the project is not as easy as the broken-down-by-client outline methods used in the previous harvest web app.

  • @Joshua, that’s a great idea, look for an update in the next couple weeks where you’ll be able to select a lighter theme.

  • Is there a similar app for Windows CE? I have an HTC touch and would like to use that as my mobile communicator.

  • @Paul – Unfortunately, there isn’t a Windows CE app for Co-op right now, but your feedback is noted.

  • What about for Android? I’m an iPhone user and I plan on defecting but honestly Harvest and Co-op are about the only things keeping me around.

  • @Josh Thanks for letting us know you’d like to see Co-op and Harvest for Android devices – we’ll make a note of it!

  • It’s been a year since you made a note of Co-op for Android. Are there plans to actually do it? Or at least a mobile site?

  • Karen Schoellkopf on July 26, 2011

    @Matt Android for Co-op is not in our immediate plans, but you can access Co-op via your Android device’s browser.

  • I do use the full site in the browser, which is why I ask if you have plans for something better. It’s rather glitchy.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on July 26, 2011

    @Matt Please write us at support AT harvestapp DOT com and let us know where it’s glitchy, so we can look into it – thanks!

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