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Import Clients, Contacts and Won Deals from Highrise into Harvest

We’re really excited to announce Harvest’s integration with Highrise, a web-based contact management application developed by 37signals.  For our customers who depend on Highrise for managing their customers, this integration will make your life a lot easier.

Here is a short, 2-minute video to show you how the integration works:

Integration with Highrise from Harvest on Vimeo.

The integration set up is simple: just go to Manage > Account Settings and put in your Highrise log-in credentials, and that’s it.  Harvest will verify the credentials and pull in all necessary info.

Import Clients and Client Contacts

Go to Manage > Clients, and with just a click of a button, you’ll see all the companies in your Highrise account, and you can choose which ones to import.  On the next step, you can then choose which people under each company to import.  These are your client contacts – whom you can send invoices to.  Harvest will pull in the contact details and map them to the appropriate fields.

Import Won Deals

In Highrise you can track deals (or proposals).  Once you win a deal, just go to  your Harvest account under Manage > Projects, and you can import that won deal and start tracking time for the newly won project!  Another neat thing about this integration is that if the won deal belongs to a new client that’s not yet in your Harvest account, the integration will automatically add that client to your account.  The details are all taken care of for you – all you need to worry about is winning that deal!

If you’re a Highrise user looking to give Harvest a try, feel free to sign up for our free trial and give the integration a spin.  You’ll be tracking time and sending invoice in no time!

Big thank-you to our very own Barry Hess for making the Harvest + Highrise integration possible.

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  • Nice work, guys! You’re not giving up on COOP though, are you? I’d love to see that fleshed out as a Basecamp-replacement. I think you guys do much better work than 37signals, with all due respect.

  • “I think you guys do much better work than 37signals, with all due respect.”


  • Guys this is awesome! I have been in bad need for that feature, have even developed my own sync-interface transferring all won deals from Highrise to Harvest (using both APIs).
    This tells me we’re both on the same track and I have choosen the right (two) systems.

  • NOM, NOM, NOM!

    Nice going Harvest! I love using Highrise already so it’s great to see I can save time on data entry

  • Bonnie Shull on August 9, 2009

    I’m hoping that plans are in the works to pull a case’s tasks into Harvest for time management. Harvest + Highrise would be a complete business management solution for me at that point. Right now all the double entry is driving me mad and causing me to keep looking.

  • Nice going Harvest! I love using Highrise already so it’s great to see I can save time on data entry

  • Michael on June 7, 2010

    Great integration. Would be even better if you could import your tasks for a project.

  • I am very pleased with the Highrise integration. This is a major factor when considering to cross over to Harvest.

  • Lea Cullen Boyer on October 28, 2011

    Awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out a short cut to get you two together for a while.

  • Our swimming pool service company uses high-rise on a daily basis. Great program. Easily manage and log all conversations with clients. Love it !

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