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Unlimited Clients & Projects and SSL for All Plans

Secure Connection (SSL) Now Available on All Plans

We are always happy to deliver more value to our customers without raising prices whenever we can. Today, we have an opportunity to do just that. For our Basic and Solo customers, we’ve activated an option which allows you to use SSL for your connection to Harvest. This means the connection between you and Harvest (whether you’re using a browser, desktop widget, or iPhone) will be encrypted by a secure, industry-standard SSL certificate. In other words, with SSL, everything from time entries to your invoices are encrypted and transmitted securely between our service and you. This is the same technology used by online banks and e-commerce sites.  We understand the sensitive nature of your data and we hope this extra security measure will further put your mind at ease as you use Harvest for your time tracking and invoicing needs. To activate SSL for your account, simply navigate to Manage > Account Settings > Preferences and update the “Use SSL” attribute. (Note: Business plans already use SSL connection for all communications)

Unlimited Clients and Projects for Solo Plan

Harvest Solo plans (which are actually expandable up to 3 users) also get a new update. Users of this plan can now track unlimited number of clients and projects within Harvest. Whether tracking time on an handful of active projects or keeping a handy and complete list of all your client contacts in Harvest, our new Harvest Solo plan is designed to make your life simpler. (Note: Business and Basic plans already enjoy unlimited clients and projects)

We hope you enjoy these plan updates and stay tuned for more great stuff coming later this month!

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  • Wooo! So stoked I got Harvest now! This service is unreal, I can explain how much I like it. Takes so much effort out of invoicing, billing, client and project management it’s not even funny.

  • Cooooool, and really great. Number of limited projects were not enough, and it’s good that I can now keep old project open (always usefull when I’ve to add 1-2 hours after ending project).
    Tkx Harvest!

  • Yes, that is awesome news (about the solo plan), as someone who always struggled with making projects and clients active/inactive to stay within the limits. Thanks so much.

  • Just updated our review of Harvest to note that SSL has just been added. I’ve wanted this feature for sooooo long. Thanks so much for adding it!

  • Echo @charlie arehart !

  • Awesome, great news. Thanks!

  • Yay! Thank you so much! I was just getting to the point where I was worrying about running out of client & project slots and – boom – you deliver. And SSL is great too. Thanks!

  • That’s wonderful of you! Thanks a lot! I’ve been juggline active/inactive lately. This will be much better.

  • This is really great news. Kudos for making SSL available for all paid accounts!

  • Woww.. It´s great!

  • Does anyone use Harvest instead of Quickbooks for billing? So far I just use it as a time tracking program.

  • I’m with the other solo-ers here. Just yesterday I was looking at what projects to archive so I could add a new one. Now I don’t have to worry about it — way to overdeliver!

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