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Harvest on the command line: hcl

Last week we received an awesome email OpenSourcery‘s Alex Kroman. One of OpenSourcery’s Rails engineers, Zack Hobson, put together an addictive new way to interact with us: the Harvest command line (hcl).

If you are a command line junkie, hcl will be the sweetest Harvest high you have ever experienced. Check out some of the available commands.

Set up a project/task alias:

$ hcl tasks
1234 5678   The King Misc Miracles
1234 9876   Westley Resurrection
$ hcl set task.westley 1234 9876

Start a timer with a note using an alias:

$ hcl start westley resurrecting a mostly dead pirate

Start a timer without an alias:

hcl start 1234 5678 packing boxes after King's son fired me

Add notes to a running task:

$ hcl note Meeting about the greatness of true love.
$ hcl note Though it's not as great as a nice MLT.

Check out the GitHub repository for hcl for more details!

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  • Anonymous on August 2, 2009

    I think the only thing missing from hcl is the ability to roll eight-sided dice! Lucky for the rest of us we still have the standard web version of Harvest :P

    Seriously tho, it’s nice to see Harvest is flexible enough to suit the various ways people want to use it.

  • Anonymous on August 3, 2009

    /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/zenhob-hcl-0.2.1/lib/hcl/task.rb:5:in `cache_tasks’: undefined method `elements’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)


  • Does this work on Windows? I couldn’t get it to run. Looks like fun to play around with though.

  • This is a fantastic tool. Its great to see community tools using the Harvest API.

    An actual Linux desktop Widget would be useful (a plasma one for KDE would be great), but the functionality hcl provides is excellent.

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