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Recent Harvest Updates: Discounts, Duplicate Estimates, Export Contacts, Etc.

Here’s a recap of a bunch of recent updates to Harvest:

  • Discounts on Invoices and Estimates – You can now easily put in a percentage discount on invoices and estimates. Just type in a percentage number and Harvest will calculate the correct discount value for your clients.
  • Duplicate Estimate – It works just like duplicate invoice. Go to Estimates, click on the estimate you’d like to duplicate. Under More Actions menu, you’ll find the Duplicate option. If you have file attachments on the original estimate, Harvest will copy over those files as well.
  • Export Client Contacts – Under Manage > Clients, you can now export all client contacts info to Excel. This will be useful when you need to generate mailing list for clients.
  • Improved Unsubmitted – For those of you who use the Timesheets Approval feature, under the Timesheets > Unsubmitted section, where it lists out the people who have not submitted their timesheets, you can now see the hours on each timesheet. This is also a handy way for administrators to check on the total weekly hours for each staff member.
  • Send Invoice via API – We have updated the Harvest API so that you can send invoices via the API.

We hope you find these new features helpful! As usual, we’d like to thank all of our customers for your generous feedback and support. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us!

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  • 1. The project managers should be able to send email reminders (from the unsubmitted tab). Currently only the administrators can do this. The project managers should have this functionality as they are responsible for their projects. It should not need to be escalated up to the administrator level (who typically) don’t supervise the projects anyways. While we could give project managers admin status, this would not be conducive to maintaining a strong internal control based environment. Administrators are typically IT managers or in G&A and don’t work on the operations of the project.

    2. In a managed professional services organization, rates per hour are constantly changing. The tool should enable a user to set rates for specific time periods, for example $100 per hour for John from Sept – Nov. and $120 from Dec – March. Currently, updated rates are retroactive through historical data. This would foul up our historical cost/pricing information if rates were to change. This means that the data has to be taken offline to MS Excel which is inconvenient. It negates the reason most people migrate to an online tracking system, to avoid manually doing things on Excel.

    3. The lead administrator should be able to allow certain information to be viewed by others and some to not be. (For example, the rates).

    4. Editing time: Lets say someone put in the wrong task within a project and wants to correct this- currently they have to delete all time in the week for that particular task. They should be able to switch the hours by switching the task. Otherwise, when deleting the entire row, its easy to forget what they booked altogether.

  • Estimates are nice, but it would be nice if I could click 1 button and create a project for estimate after it has been approved.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 15, 2010

    @clint Thanks for the feedback, and yes, we agree, a more seamless way to turn an estimate into a project is definitely a feature on our list. @David Thanks for all of the details, we’ll make a note of your suggestions.

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