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A Better and Faster Harvest

There have been some unplanned service interruptions with Harvest lately, and we’re deeply sorry about these disruptions. We have already started a series of upgrades and optimization under the hood, and the goal is to make Harvest more reliable and responsive than ever.

A few periods of downtime are scheduled for this month, in order to push through some of the behind-the-scenes updates. The first one will be this Wednesday 12am-1am EST. See what time this is for you.

There are also many changes and improvements that you will notice on your Harvest account:

  • The code for Expenses has been rewritten and it’s markedly faster to load and render.
  • The Manage Projects page now has infinite scrolling. If you have a lot of projects, you’ll find that the page is now much faster to load than before. Harvest will fetch more projects as you scroll through the page.
  • Coming soon: search functionality on Manage Projects. You can type in a few character and Harvest will search through project code, project name and clients.
  • Timesheet overhaul – we’re giving the timesheet section a complete facelift, along with a lot of improvements and new features. We will be writing a separate blog post to highlight some of the new things you can expect to see on the new timesheet soon.

We are very excited about all the updates and improvements coming to Harvest. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know! Thank you all for your support, and have a fun and productive week!

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  • With a re-write of the Timesheet coming, one can only hope that not too far in the near future the idea of custom billing cycles is not far behind. The weekly timesheet is not very convenient if your billing is done on the 1st and 15th of the month :( Just the ability to set Bill-On Dates would be wonderful :)

  • I LOVE that you guys are paying attention to the details here. Thank you for spending time getting those performance tweeks out rather than just on adding tons of new features. As a web developer, I know the temptations.

  • Sounds great thanks!

  • Hey I was just thinking, maybe you guys could add an event microformat ( ) to blog posts like these in the future, and to the ** pages where you have text towards the top of the page explaining the event.

    This way a Addon like Operator ( ) could enable users to quickly add this event to their calendars.

  • Harvest just keeps getting better , we are looking forward to the update .
    Are account statements in the development cycle ?
    We have clients that pay random amounts or have more than one outstanding invoice . well harvest has very good reporting functions for outstanding invoices there no way to email statements to a clients .

  • I’d like to second Robin’s request for account statements; that’s the one feature I’ve definitely heard as a request from my clients, particularly a handful that regularly have a number of invoices open at any one time. It’d be a tremendous benefit for me to be able to send out account statements each month to my regular clients.

  • Veronica Wilson on November 18, 2009

    I feel that with the timesheet upgrades, the ability to submit timesheets other than weekly would be great!

  • Mike Champagne on November 18, 2009

    Account statements in Harvest would save me the time of creating these in Excel right now.Not a huge time sink, but would make invoicing more integrated in Harvest. Keep up the great work!

  • Robin, Tom and Mike – thanks so much for your suggestion regarding account statements.

    We have just launched our forum, and it’d be great to carry the conversation over at this thread:

    As for changing the timeframe of timesheet – we hear you guys and will think about that problem soon. Thanks, everyone!

  • Since we can send invoices via email it would be nice to send invoices via fax from Harvest. If there are added costs associated with this maybe Harvest can integrate with the eFax API. You guys are doing a great job and have drastically changed how I do business on the admin side. We are a small business and this app is a tremendous help.

  • Unfortunately the new timesheet’s fields do not support auto-complete any more. Auto-complete helped us to tag entries with consistent notes. I submitted a request to get auto-complete back and really hope that it will be considered.

  • Brian Rowland on November 27, 2009

    Second Susann’s comment. I regularly used the auto-complete in the timesheet entry form. This was lost with the introduction of multi-row comments. How about multi-row comments on edits w/ a single row text input on create to support auto-complete?

  • @Susann @Brian Thanks for the feedback on this — we’re continuing to look into the auto-complete.

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