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Rounding Up + Incremental Billing

Happy new year! We’re starting this new year with a new, neat feature: Harvest now offers more flexibility for rounding and invoicing hours. When you export or invoice hours, you now have the option to round to nearest, or round up to 6, 15 or 30 minutes.

Another big improvement is that Harvest now supports incremental billing. What that means: if you have this option turned on, when you invoice and choose the “Summary by…” option, Harvest will round the hours first, and then sum them up. Some of our customers prefer to sum up the hours, and then round the totals – and you can still do that by not choosing the incremental billing option.

Both options can be updated via Invoices > Configure, under the section Default Values.

Hope you find this new feature useful, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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  • Thanks, guys. :-)

  • I guess this means we can turn off our GreaseMonkey-script that accomplishes this task. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the insight!

  • David Zuelke on January 28, 2010

    Wow, that’s kick ass, I totally missed that!

  • THANK YOU!!!!! That’s a great feature! Keep up the good work

  • How about an option to round the total invoice amount to the nearest dollar, for those who prefer to track true time (no rounding) but would like to invoice in whole dollar amounts?

  • Since we don’t use the invoicing part of the system – it would be really nice to have the rounding added to time tracking since our tracking is done to the nearest quarter hour.

  • David Zuelke on January 28, 2010

    Brandon: I think that would be nice; could be recorded separately to the actual time. Maybe even with the ability to manually adjust the number (e.g. client calls at 8pm, needs something *now*, gets billed a full hour even though the task only took 15 minutes to complete).

  • Thanks for all the feedback, guys! We’ll take them into account as we continue to improve things around here.

  • +1 Agreed – we tend to manually adjust the time on things like that as well. We used to use a program called TimePost on the Mac that integrates with Harvest and you can set a preference to adjust the time before posting to Harvest. Unfortunately we had too many issues with TimePost

  • David Zuelke on January 28, 2010

    Brandon: you could use the timesheet approval feature for that, that at least streamlines the process a bit. Alternatively, since you don’t bill through Harvest anyway, couldn’t you enable the rounding for the excel export for timesheets? That has always been possible I think… it gives an extra column, with the rounded value.

  • MJ McBride on January 28, 2010

    AWESOME!!! We built our own Gumeshoe to do this for clients invoicing. This will save a lot of time and makes our addiction to Harvest way greater!

  • Great feature.

    Would be nice if we could have rounding in the reports. Maybe just a checkbox to toggle it?

    I copy and paste from reports, so exporting to spreadsheet and grabbing column is a pain.

    Does the rounding work when exporting to Quickbooks?

  • I totally second Streling’s comment about showing rounding in reports.

  • @sterling and @james Thanks for letting us know, and we’ve make a note of your request! I hit Sterling back via email, but regarding Quickbooks: If you have rounding turned on, then it rounded in the QB exports. If you have it turned off, then it just exports regular time.

  • @Karen thank you for the amazing support. The responsiveness makes me feel even better that I recommend Harvest to my clients. You guys rock.

  • I know this is an old post, but I don’t see this option (trial account). Has it been removed? It looks like the rounding now behaves as if this box was checked, but there’s no way to uncheck it – is that correct?

  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry for the confusion. Around May of last year (2011), we have taken out this option – all rounding is “incremental”. As in, Harvest will round each time entry before adding up for invoicing.

    What you see today in Harvest is a much simpler and straightforward way to invoice.

  • Please, please give us the option to see the rounded time in reports, even if it’s a global option. I’m really getting tired of having to export to CSV to see accurate billing time on a weekly basis.

  • Agreed – rounding in the reports is essential for cross-checking things.

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