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Service interruption February 16th

We are really sorry for the issue earlier today (February 16th)! Some users may have found parts of Harvest were running slow earlier this morning, and once we isolated the cause of the issue we needed to take Harvest offline temporarily to fix a problem we detected.

Around 10:15 am EST we started to see some suspiciously high server load on our database servers. We received some reports from users that reporting functions in Harvest were very slow. We narrowed the problem down to a specific bug in the database software we use which was causing reporting queries to run very slowly. We took Harvest offline briefly to disable reporting and restore all other functionality. Between 10:45am and 11:00am EST the site was in maintenance mode as we disabled reporting. Between 11:00am and 12:00pm EST we were able to isolate and repair the speed issues with the reporting functionality and reports came back online at 12:00pm.

Nobody likes seeing Harvest slow (or unavailable) less than we do! We have already planned an infrastructure upgrade over the coming weekend and part of this upgrade involves upgrading the database software which was running slow earlier today.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we continually improve Harvest. And thank you to all of the Harvest users who follow @harvest on Twitter and provide your feedback to our team in real time.

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  • Thank you for providing the thorough description of what happened. Your forthright disclosure is a sign of your maturity and customer-focused corporate philosophy. I wish other (much larger) companies were as forthcoming when they suffer service-affecting problems.

  • Thanks for the comment and kind words, Dave. We try to be as transparent and communicative as we possibly can.

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