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Track Time, Log Expenses and Submit Receipts from your iPhone

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Harvest Time Tracking Expense Tracking iPhone App

Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our official Harvest iPhone app to the iTunes App Store.


Harvest for your iPhone allows you to track time and expenses on-the-go, with or without a network connection. Start and stop the task timers or enter durations with notes while you’re on the road.

Need to submit receipts with your expenses? With Harvest for your iPhone, you can snap photos of your receipts and attach them to your expense entries in Harvest. It’s a great way to stay organized.

Hat tip to CrazedCoders (the creators of the Co-op iPhone companion, iCo-op) for helping us launch this app. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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  • I am sorry to say but this app disappoints me. No timestamps and a non-iPhone-like UI.

  • @Wim This first release is a solid solution for our customers who need to reliably track time AND expenses via the iPhone. It’s only going to get better with time, so don’t worry!

  • @danny. Good news. We are quite happy with Harvest but were waiting for the iPhone-app for month now. Especially the timestamp feature is important for us and the actual app lacks this feature. Good to know it will come. Can you give a schedule? The current situation with timestamps in the online UI and not in de iPhone-app and not in the mobile UI gives us really a lot hassle.

  • Why can’t I submit my timesheet on the app? Seems odd that I can enter time but have to go to my computer to hit “submit”, even if I use Safari for that.

  • any plans for an android version?

  • Sweet! When’s the Co-op app due? Haha.

  • Hey Really nice improvement over the previous app. I very much like the offline ability. The only thing missing for me is the ability to stop all timers even when you are offline. For example, if i left a timer running and then left my office – I could open the app and stop all (with the option to deduct 10, 20, or 30 mins?). On next sync it would adjust that timer and time…

  • I was just looking for an app like this at the beginning of the week!! Great timing.
    Mostly for the use of attaching receipts to the expense items…that is really cool.

    I don’t see a way to attach a file manually but I imagine if my iPhone app can do, I’ll be able to do it soon also.

    Great job!

  • Yes: Android, please.

  • @Nick – Co-op app has been in the App Store for over a year :)

  • Me three for Android.

  • @vic boy I feel stupid … downloading now :-)

  • Plus 1 for Android

  • The ability to add photos of receipts is pure genius, very exciting.

    That said, I’m confused… this seems like an iPhone feature without a functional connection back to the Web app.

    Where do I actually SEE the receipts I add on the iPhone?

    Why can I not upload receipts on the Web app?

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a MAJOR move forward for me and my staff. Our receipt management has been a mess without a way to specifically track/tie it back to the expense report. (Our CPA hates this fact) So I’m glad that we’re moving in the right direction.

    But without actually being able to DO anything with the data I capture, what’s the point?

  • Very excited. Downloaded the app immediately. Tried to login and . . . no OpenID.

  • @Jake hang tight — we’re pushing an update in a few hours which will enable you to view receipts you uploaded via Reports > Expenses. We wanted to get the app out as soon as we could so people who needed a better way to track time on the iPhone can use it immediately. Expense users will be able to view all the data stored *very* soon. Thanks!

  • Eric Lampi on March 4, 2010

    Yeah a ‘driod app would be great, any plans for one?

  • Some feedback…

    Date navigation is cumbersome – it takes three taps with additional pauses for the animation just to switch dates. I would love to be able to navigate through dates by clicking a left or right arrow.

    When selecting the project using the scroll wheel, I couldn’t work out what sort-order it was using. Seemed to be random? And when selecting a project, the task details doesn’t update until you click the Save button. I would prefer the UI to update when clicking on the task in the scroll wheel.

    Also, I don’t use the Expenses module in Harvest so the Expenses button is a waste of space. And the settings button is only used to store login details so it’s not really required that often – perhaps that should be moved into the system-wide settings to save some more screen space. And the pending button only needs to be there when there are pending updates, otherwise it’s unnecessary. Perhaps you could indicate pending updates through some other means than a big button.

    There are lots of other small usability updates which you can make to improve the whole look and feel, but I’m sure you’re working on that.


  • thumpup for stuartm

  • C Malcolm on March 4, 2010

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a wonderful app.

    Yes, there is room to grow, but it’s an excellent start. I would, however, just 2nd what was mentioned above about the project order being seemingly random. Not sure if that’s an easy one to fix or not, but fingers crossed.

  • Love it! I have been using the Y|Factorial Harvest app quite a bit and it worked ok. This has a nicer interface and handles the online/offline challenge better. Keep the improvements coming!

  • Project order is definitely confusing. I’m looking forward to trying this out and see where you take it!

    Also +1 for supporting openid.

  • Same comment about seemingly random order of projects. Makes it impractical to look for a project amongst 30 active projects.

  • After using it for a while I definitely think that the integration piece needs work (and you mentioned you are working on it).

    I like the ability to view the receipt now, works well.

    In almost all cases, we have to send receipts to our customers along with the invoice. I would love to have the option of including the receipts as an attachment when I click the Send Invoice button.

    I’m not sure how you can consolidate them so there are not a bunch of attachments, but work in that area will amazing.

    Good steps so far.
    Making them more accessible and viewable and sending them out will make it awesome.

    Great app!


  • Would love to see a time format preference. I prefer 0.00 instead of 0:00. I guess I’ll hang on to the Y|Factorial Harvest app a bit longer.

  • Another vote for an android version. Or at least an improved MobileCSS version.

  • David Powsner on March 10, 2010

    I generally like the new app, though, I keep getting “bad gateway” messages when I try to sync to the mother ship.

  • FYI: Version 1.1 became available on the App Store today! It fixes the project/client/category ordering issue.

    @Dave we’re looking into the bad gateway issue and will fix soon.

  • Please make an App for the Android phone!

  • Cannot use it without OpenID

  • I do like the new application. It would be great if you were able to add Projects on the iPhone application. Also, it would be great to allocate expenses to tasks, rather than just categories, so in larger projects the expenses could be more closely tracked rather than just as part of the total project budget.

  • Another vote for an Android version.

  • Quit stalling on the ‘droid app, please.

  • I’m getting the “bad gateway” error, and it’s not letting me sync anymore. Any word on when there’ll be a fix?

  • @JLane we’re looking into this issue right now. We’ll get it sorted as soon as we can. We are very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. Stay tuned.

  • +1 for Android, please.

  • +1 for Blackberry please

  • 9 votes for Android!

  • Yet another vote for Android, if you guys could give us an approximate release date for an Android version of this app that would be great!

  • Eric Lampi on April 4, 2010

    Perhaps at least in the case of android an html version that is more or less just a phone friendly layout would make more sense, because honestly the best thing about the droid is the fact that web browsing is almost as good as a computer. I noticed that when I logged in from my droid that the time entry page was a modified layout, I’m guessing it can detect you’re using a mobile device. Which would be all I really need, pages that are optimized for a small screen. By the way, when 12 customers take the time to log in and request something it’s really not good form to ignore them. Some kind of response is expected.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 5, 2010

    @eric and all, Thanks for all of the great feedback, we sure appreciate it, and yes, we definitely hear your enthusiastic requests for an Android app (and the Blackberry app)! It’s certainly on our radar: we’ll be thinking about this as we move forward, and thanks for letting us know what’s important to you.

  • @Karen Schoellkopf – I’d love to (respectful) voice my concern about a roadmap that includes a full new mobile version while I *still* can’t actually view content that I can upload through the current mobile or current Web app.

    I mean seriously, folks – why bother allowing us to upload expense images via the current mobile app if we can’t DO anything with them. They don’t export, they don’t display, and they aren’t able to be uploaded via the Web. That’s less than a half baked feature, that’s not a feature at all. It’s just confusing.

    So is there any ETA at all on when we might be able to DO something with receipt images beyond mobile upload?


  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 5, 2010

    @Jake Actually, any receipts you’ve uploaded via the iPhone app are visible under Reports > Expenses. It’s the little image icon next to the expense description, and you can open and print that PDF as you wish.

    That said, we agree that you should be able to upload receipts through the web interface, and that you should be able to bulk print the expense images as a report as well. Though we don’t release timelines for any features as a general rule, you should expect to see this functionality implemented in the next three months.

    Thanks for the feedback, we’re working hard to keep improving Harvest, and make it ever more useful for you!

  • @Karen Schoellkopf ha! duh, ok that makes me feel a little better :)

    I still think it’s a massive, massive oversight not to have the same basic function on the Web, but if you’re coming out with it soon, I’ll be patient. Well, perhaps not “patient”, per se…. :)

  • For everyone using the current iPhone app: we just released an important update, so be sure to grab the latest from the App Store!

  • I’m still waiting for an easy way to note a retainer has been received before I start any work. And a more streamlined way to bill per project, not just per customer (I do multiple projects but the customer needs them billed out separately).

  • Eric Lampi on April 13, 2010

    Install a time clock at the front door?

    Punch in, punch out, a steam whistle at the start and end of the work day. Perfectly anachronistic.

  • 1) Date navigation is a pain. Please add icons to get to the next and previous day directly. Or even better: Add a swipe-left/-right (or a “dateflow” similar to coverflow) action for date navigation.

    2) The expense photos are a very cool feature but right now the data(photos) is basically useless. Just being able to access the photo is not really helping with invoices. Why not add an option “Print expense photo in invoice” (same applies to reports, but invoices is more useful, as i need to pass on expense receipt copies/photos to my customers).

  • Jason Masters on April 27, 2010


    is it possible to add expenses for accounting purpose (cost of client activity) that are not chargeable to the client?


  • Jason, you can add non-client expenses towards an internal project right now. We recommend you simply create a project called “Internal” for your own company and log expenses there.

  • Jason Masters on April 27, 2010

    Thanks Danny

    I thought of that, however from an accounting point of view I want to see costs against projects, and using an internal bucket I would then need to manually review each expense and re-allocate to a project to look at the overall profitability of the project.

    Kind regards

  • This is by far the coolest productivity app. Thanks so much for making this work so well!

    Much love guys!

  • Oh hey, you have a discount option. Now can you add something that adds a premium charge? I charge a premium for rush jobs (<30 days) and would like to add it all at once at the end of an invoice.

  • Ian Daniel on June 23, 2010

    Any chance of a windows mobile App?

  • Android. Android.

  • Android! You’d think a third party would see the potential here and hook it up with the API.

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