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Export Uploaded Receipts to PDF

We’ve added another enhancement to help with your recording and reporting of expense receipts! Now you can export your receipts from the Expense Reports page in one neatly formatted PDF file.

To access this feature, you’ll first need to upload some receipts.  Once you’ve done that, generate an expense report under the Reports > Expense tab. In the Export dropdown menu, select the Export Receipts as PDF link. A PDF containing all expenses that have receipts will be generated. The report contains summary information about the expense as well as the receipt image. If you upload receipts as PDFs with multiple pages, then you’ll see each page of your original PDF receipt printed in this report as well.

If you haven’t tried uploading receipts with your expenses, give it a try today! You can upload several image formats or PDF files directly on the Timesheets > Expenses tab, or via the iPhone application.

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  • A very useful feature, thanks a lot guys.

  • Hi,
    We love the receipt attachment, is there a plan to put them on the expenses approval page too so we can see the receipts as we approve the expenses?



  • Doug Fales on May 25, 2010

    @alexandre: Thanks!

    @ian: That’s a great suggestion. I’ve added the receipt download/preview link to the expense summaries that appear on approval pages. Just click the paperclip icon to preview (or in the case of PDFs, to download) the associated receipt image.

  • A fantastic new feature from a fanatic development team.
    (to wit, having an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, such as customer satisfaction…)

    The iPhone ability to capture a receipt is wonderful. If only I had an iPhone 3GS. My older iPhone can’t focus up close.

  • Yaaaay! :) This new feature really makes life easier, especially with the iPhone take receipt photo feature. Thanks a lot guys!

    Any plans to add a “put expense receipts in the invoice PDF” feature? (My clients pay for all expenses and i have to submit receipt copies together with the invoice.)

    I’m also wondering how i can manage receipts in multiple currencies for the same client and same project. I invoice clients in CHF but expense receipts will be in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD. So an option “Add foreign currency receipt” where i can enter “Currency”, “Amount” and “Exchange rate” (can be different every day) which then calculates the invoice amount in CHF would be appreciated.

  • Thanks Team,

    I am with Mike, we need multiple currencies!

  • Hi,

    I totally agree with @Mike. When we submit invoices, it would be great to check off a box that would include all the PDFs for the expenses being submitted.

    I was rather surprised that feature wasn’t there, to be honest. I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t need to submit receipts with expenses on an invoice.

    Love the product though – keep up the great work.

  • This is really good. Now, if you can make it so we can attach this pdf to the client invoice, we will be golden.

  • Ditto on the pdf attachment issue. I, too, was surprised that there is not way to attach pdfs to invoices we submit directly from Harvest. I had assumed this was one of the points of having the pdf functionality. Having to submit separate pdfs for the receipts makes it far less convenient.

  • The files are really large, most likely because of the high photo rez on the receipts. Does anyone have a solution for saving the .pdf’s at a much smaller size?

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