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Harvest Now Supports Native Excel Exports

Up until now, when you ran a report, and selected More Actions, there was an option to Export to Excel.  What it did is export the report to a .csv file, which you could then open in Excel.  While this worked fine for most of our customers, some of our overseas customers experienced character formatting issues due to the translation from .csv to Excel. Well, no more!

We have implemented an update to Harvest that now gives you the option to Export to Excel (as a native Excel file), or you can select Export to CSV, to continue exporting the same way you have been.

We hope you find this update useful, and let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Excellent!
    Thank you!
    This update is really apreciated!
    ; )

  • Indeed a tremendous update , very usefull to export timesheets.
    Thanks a lot guys.

  • Excellent

  • Works really well. Had to do historical reports for a client, saved a ton of time

  • Great work!
    But there are some really basic features that should be addressed with the invoices. Can we PLEASE get page numbers on multi-page invoices?? Seems like such a simple addition to make, yet so helpful. Maybe even the invoice number repeated on subsequent pages as well?

    Keep it up.

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