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Harvest Now Available on Google Apps Marketplace

A Harvest Timesheet in your Gmail?!

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Harvest for Google Apps. Google Apps users can now easily add Harvest to Google Apps via the Google Apps Marketplace.

One caveat: this integration right now only works for new users who are signing up for Harvest via the Google Apps Marketplace. We’re working on making this connection available to current Harvest customers as well. Linking existing accounts to Google Apps is more complex, but rest assured that we’re working on it, and will have it available soon!

UPDATE: This integration now works for existing customers as well, check out our blog post about how Existing Harvest Customers Can Now Utilize Google Apps Integration.

There are three main points of integration between Harvest and Google Apps:

Submit timesheets directly from Gmail
Harvest can already send out reminders to users who have not submitted their timesheets. With our integration, we made timesheet submission even easier for users, by allowing them to enter and submit timesheets directly within the reminder email. It’s a really convenient way for everyone to get their timesheets in, which leads to more prompt and accurate tracking of your time.

UPDATE: The ability to submit timesheets directly from Gmail is no longer available. Sorry about that!

Export timesheet reports into Google Docs
A lot of our users already take advantage of our CSV and Excel exports so they can further manipulate their data, so we’ve decided to make it easy for users to export the reports to one more spreadsheet application: Google Docs. Instead of having to download the CSV and then upload it to Google Docs, users can now bring reports into Google Docs with just a single click.

Quick links to Harvest in relevant emails
Based on the context of your emails, we can show the “Quick Links” to jump right into Harvest. So if you email a colleague about filling out timesheets, we show them a quick link to Harvest at the bottom of the email so they can easily access their account.

And of course, once connected, users can take advantage of the single sign-on integration and jump directly into Harvest from Google’s universal navigation. This means users can be in Gmail, or Google Docs, and with a couple clicks, jump right into Harvest without having to re-login.  Here’s a quick video which demonstrates how it all works:

Update: Harvest for Google Apps is also covered on the Google Enterprise Blog and the Official Google Blog.

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  • Great news! We’re already a Google Apps customer and can’t wait for the integration for existing customers. Keep up the good work!

  • Bodaniel Jeanes on June 15, 2010

    This makes me very happy. Can’t wait to be able to integrate this with our existing account.

  • I’m already a GApps customer with several other integrated apps. Being able add Harvest would be a huge boost to the benefits for me.

    Please include me in any testing group – I’m more than happy and able to assist to make this happen sooner!

  • I really should have read the entire post before I spent 10 minutes trying to get this to work on my existing account. Any chance you could move that last paragraph to the top so your existing (happy) customers know right away that this won’t work for them yet

  • I just signed up for a year of Harvest yesterday and today I see this. If I had only waited one day I could have integrated my purchase into my Google Apps domain. Frustrating. Please include me in your beta testing. Thanks.

  • I second Dave’s comment. Unless I misunderstood, this is not a “caveat” as much as it is a “huge giant caveat” and this should be a “coming soon to existing customers” post.

    We are very excited about in gmail timesheets…that is HUGE, as timesheet collection is on of our biggest headaches.

    Im not that familiar with google apps, does this mean all of our contractors will have to be part of a certain domain to get this feature or will all gmail users get the embedded timesheet?

  • Hey everyone, it’s a top priority for us to get our existing customers connected to their Google Apps account and we’re working to make this happen as soon as we can. We’ll keep you all updated!

  • Karen Schoellkopf on June 16, 2010

    Hey all, yes, we’re hard at work at getting existing customers in on the Google Apps fun, and @Kristian, the way that the GApps integration works currently, you would have needed to sign up for the TRIAL through GApps.

    @Dave and @Jason, thanks for the feedback, and we agree – I will edit the post to move that paragraph to the top of the blog post. Apologies for any confusion, and hold tight, we’re excited to bring this same functionality to existing Harvest customers as well!

  • @Jason – due to the way Google Apps is set up right now, it does mean the contractors will have to be part of the domain where you have Harvest enabled in order to get this feature.

  • Wilco Wings on June 18, 2010

    Great, I can’t wait. Finally all my fav apps in one place.

  • Really a neat feature, looking forward to that. But can you give any more specific estimates about when it is available to current customers? Days? Weeks? Otherwise, great service! Keep it up!

  • @Wilco and @Anton We can’t wait either, and yes, we’ve got our team hard at work on this NOW, so while I can’t give you a definite timeline, it should be really soon.

  • Great news guys!

    We’re a big user of both Harvest and Google apps so this will make life a lot easier for us. We were actually about to embark on an integraiton between the two, we’ll obviously hold off for the moment. Any ETA?

    Please add us to the your testing program

  • Karen Schoellkopf on June 29, 2010

    Hey @All, it’s official: existing customers can now utilize the Harvest Google Apps integration too, read our blog post about it here:

  • If we purchase Harvest, do we also have to purchase the GoogleApps for all domain users?

  • @Andrea: You don’t need to purchase Google Apps if you are using the Standard Edition:

    However, you always have the option to upgrade to their Premiere edition if that suits you better.

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