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Reorder Invoice Items

Our customers have been asking for more control over their invoices, and we’ve been listening. We’re happy to announce the first of many improvements coming down the pipeline for Harvest Invoicing users: Line Item Reordering.

Reorder Rows

You can change the order of items on an invoice, with just a few quick mouse clicks. While adding or editing an invoice, click the “Reorder Rows” link and the individual rows will become sortable. Just click and drag a row to change it’s position on the invoice.

When you’re done moving items, you can simply save the invoice, or click “Done Reordering” to continue editing the invoice details.

We hope you find this new invoice improvement useful. As always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us.

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  • I just ran into this feature while making an estimate.
    “Hey that’s great!” were my first thoughts!

    Been missing this feature for a while; dragging descriptions and hours from input box to input box is a thing of the past :-)

    Keep improving, I’ll keep promoting your service to everyone I know!


  • Awesome – this could have saved me some time in the past.

    Now when are you guys going to add a “past payments” feature for final invoices that a client has already made a payment on?

  • This is realy cool !

  • Priceless! I noticed this when making an estimate the other day and was so happy not to have to go cut and paste crazy to get things in the order I needed. Thanks!

  • Asked for this a while ago. Glad to see it finally implemented. You guys rock!


  • This was something I requested a while back… glad you guys finally implemented it! Thanks!!

  • This is a great time saver; I was previously making estimate templates lots of blank holes just in case.

    Actually that gives me another idea – what about Estimate templates?


    @mylesdavidson (you should follow me on twitter – why not?)

  • WOW, this is great. This make my estimating time a lot simpler and shorter! Thanks guys! KUDOs.

  • Shere Chamness on June 11, 2010

    I really appreciate this new feature. Thanks!

  • really nice, thank you. Now… Where’s my line to input retainer/deposits? They aren’t really “payments recd.”

  • @whowland: I second this notion. This is by far the most important feature missing for my workflow. I hope to see it soon!

  • @eric ressller Thanks. I have been asking for it for two months now, LOL. I finally figured out that I could add the amount as a pmt rec’d (and put a note in the comments section) on the first invoice I send to a given client, but I’d rather not have to do that work-around. Sometimes it’s a month or two or more between receipt of retainer and the first invoice out the door, and (gulp) I might forget it. If it were a line item like all the others, I could enter it when I get it and then forget all about it.

  • Aaron Wallentine on June 23, 2010

    yay!!! Thank you guys!!

  • Great feature! This can really be very helpful. Guys you might want to check out this site as well: Free online accounting software with a number of great new features as well.

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