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Cloud Tools Working Together – Outright Integrates With Harvest

UPDATE: Outright was acquired by Go Daddy in July of 2012.

We are excited to announce that Harvest now works with Outright, an online bookkeeping and accounting tool. is a leading provider of online financial management for the self-employed. Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Outright’s goal is to keep financial recordkeeping and management as simple as possible.

outright-time-tracking-integrationWhen it comes to bookkeeping, convenience is key to keeping your records up-to-date. With Outright and Harvest working together, you can now seamlessly pull your invoices from Harvest into Outright. Best of all, once you are set up, everything is automated so your Harvest invoices will automagically appear in Outright, updated on a daily basis.

With invoices recorded in your Outright account, you can take full advantage of Outright features, including reports on income, taxes, and profit & loss.

Outright users can enable the integration right away by clicking on the Harvest icon in the “Add an Account” page. If you’re a Harvest user without an Outright account, you can take advantage of this new integration by signing up for free.

We’re excited to add Outright to our list of partners in the cloud and we look forward to continuing helping small businesses by working together with others.

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  • That is fantastic news guys. If you get a hankering to integrate with another brilliant accounting system I fully recommend … its perfect for us Kiwis and Aussies .. .and soon to be perfect for the rest of the world too.

  • Outright looks very cool, especially the tax liability calculations. But it only imported three of my recent Harvest invoices. :( Maybe I’m missing some way to force it to pull the older ones? I can’t imagine reentering them manually.

    Aside from that, this seems like a great integration.

  • It only imported 2 of my Harvest invoices, and added a little yellow “attention” triangle next to the Harvest link implying something may have gone wrong. The main downside for me here though, is that it only ties into US taxes and forms, and I’m in Canada. :(

  • Follow-up on my earlier comment: I was able to export a CSV and then import it into Outright, so all my invoices are in now. That worked well.

  • Thanks for the follow-up and tip, Alicia!

    Also, note that the Outright guys are making an adjustment to the integration so that all Harvest invoices (not just the outstanding ones) will be imported and synced with your Outright account.

  • Thank you, thank you for partnering with Outright! This will make tax time so much easier.

  • Brian Lokker on September 29, 2010

    I’ve been looking for accounting integration with Harvest, so I’m pleased to see this. I don’t know yet whether Outright will meet my needs, but I’m giving it a try.

    It looks promising, but the integration does work well yet in my experience: Outright imported several unpaid invoices the first time I tried it, but each time I’ve tried to refresh I get an error / retry message.

  • +1 for Xero please Danny!


  • Craig Troskosky on September 30, 2010

    I ended up importing info from a CSV to check it out. Will you be proactively telling us when the kinks have been ironed out?

  • @craig We’ll definitely update this post and thread when we get word from Outright that the integration has been updated.

  • Outright just updated their integration so you should be able to pull in all your invoices and payments from Harvest now. Give it a try if you were having trouble before!

  • Brian Lokker on October 1, 2010

    Still not working for me. I deleted and re-added my Harvest account in Outright, but I get the error message anyway. Could it be that they have the wrong URL? I noticed when I added the account that they use “” rather than “”

  • Ryan Aslett on October 2, 2010

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to get this working, and finally got it working with Harvest today. But there’s still way too many things buggy and failing or unintuituve with Outright. It really makes me appreciate just how awesome Harvest is. I may have developed an unreasonably high expectation for saas application quality, but Outright just feels too beta to me.

  • Hi,

    I’m the Product Leader at In the past week, we’ve made a few improvements to the way Harvest integrates with Outright. We now import both your outstanding invoices as well as the ones that are paid.

    In the past week we have also overhauled the entire site. As a result, there are a few bugs here and there that we will have resolved by the end of this week. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused but we’re positive that the new Outright will be much easier to use.

  • This is great news! I’ve been using both for months, so I can’t wait to hook ’em up!

  • Phillip Percy on October 13, 2010

    Great to see more integration with accounting tools. I’m with Mark and Jayne – Integration with Xero would be fantastic.

  • for me too.

  • It’s a shame Outright works only with USA taxes. I’m an ICT consultant and have hooked up several of my Dutch (Netherlands) clients to Harvest Invoicing.

  • I’m also adding my vote here for Xero integration. I love Harvest and have used it for years, but really need the integration with Xero (which Freshbook does nicely). Harvest and Xero are a great marriage, please consider making it happen!

  • I’ll vote again for Xero integration. :)

  • Xero xero xero! :D

    Please, please, please

  • Any plans to integrate expense tracking as well? Harvest has an awesome solution for this with the iPhone app, SMS, and Twitter capability to archive specific expenses (particularly the photo capture via iPhone).

    However, Outright’s increased focus on taxes and linkage to bank accounts makes it the more appropriate place for general/internal expenses to be logged. Right now there would be redundancy between Outright’s statement-driven logging and Harvests mobile/photo capture. If there was a way to somehow import logged expenses in Harvest to match them against those in Outright, that would be incredible.


  • Hi Azim, thanks for the feedback. We’ve not discussed this area of integration with Outright yet, but it does make sense and we’ll keep it in mind as we improve our integrations.

  • Ellen Lokker on January 7, 2011

    I share the strong desire to have expense integration with Harvest as well. Otherwise, I need to enter expenses twice.

  • Harvest is amazing so far, but ditto on the expense integration with Outright.

  • Another vote here for Xero support. Fantastic for Australian businesses :)

  • Native Xero intergration and my business will use your great product. Not just kiwis and aussies use Xero – we are another happy Xero customer based in the United Kingdom.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on July 13, 2011

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their requests for an integration with Xero as well. This is most certainly on our radar, and we appreciate all of the feedback – we’ve definitely taken note, and will look to an integration with Xero in the future.

  • Harvest + Outright sounds perfect except for the expense integration. I’m signing up for a try, but that feature would definitely be a plus.

  • Another vote for Xero…

  • Harvest is awesome. I just tried the integration with Outright which is a pretty cool app in itself however since it also connects with my Bank, where all the money ends up, it is causing duplicate entries – the bank deposit transaction plus the paid invoice from Harvest. Without the expenses this integration seems pretty useless to me.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on October 26, 2011

    @Mike Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see improved, and we’ll keep it in mind as we improve our integrations.

  • Another vote hear for xero integration… .

  • Jon Christensen on May 14, 2012

    Would love the Xero and Harvest – its quite a bit integration though.. with the GL of included..
    Any update xero people?

  • Michael Peterson on May 24, 2012

    Any progress on expense integration?

  • Another vote for expense integration. I need expenses for invoicing in Harvest and tax calculation in OutRight.

  • another +1 for xero. this would be huge for us!

  • Any update on Harvest Expense tracking in Outright?
    It’s been about 1year and 7 months since it was brought to your attention some users wanted this.
    I’ve been with Harvest for a few months and LOVE your service. But I’m juggling between staying with you or moving to Freshbooks (want to stay with you!!).
    Simply put, expense tracking is the issue.
    I use FB for my expenses, and Harvest for my Invoices.

    I don’t use your Time Billing services, what made me keep throwing money at you was your GUI and invoicing services.

    I am a printing broker. I get trade prices from a printing shop, and resell to clients for higher.
    So for me, to see my Expense vs Income is crucial.
    Expenses don’t work like FB here, but I’ve worked around it and created categories.

    Outright would allow me to see my Expense vs Income easily.
    IF Outright showed my Harvest expenses!!!
    With FB’s recent revamp of their GUI and invoice layout… only thing holding me back is my loyalty to Harvest.

    Please get in touch with Outright to change this. :(

    Btw, any plans to add a product database for commonly used products in invoices?

  • Hi @Anjilus,

    The Outright integration was actually built by the folks over at Outright, not by Harvest. Expenses are exposed in the Harvest API (, so it’s just a matter of Outright adding that support in. They may be willing, so hit them up!

    We have had a request for “products” in Harvest. I’ll add your +1 to that feature request for you!

  • Harvest integration is really great, but please also add the ability to pull in Authorize.Net transactions. It sure is a pain having to manually account for merchant fees against said Harvest invoices.

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