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Coming Soon: New Web Invoice Layout

A wider, sharper-looking Web Invoice (formerly, Client View) is coming next Tuesday! Here’s a preview of how it will look:

Some highlights of the new layout:

  • Wider canvas – The invoice will feel more roomy and can accommodate more information.
  • Easier to read – We have tweaked the type, colors, spacing, and sizing – so that information is easier to read and scan.
  • Sleek and fast – There is more visual punch to the look, taking advantage of CSS3, so the invoice remains lightweight and fast to load.
  • Refreshed but familiar – We overhauled the structure and  design, but kept the look and feel familiar to minimize disruption.

The new Web Invoice comes with a new feature – integration with three popular payment gateways:, LinkPoint / First Data, and PayPal Website Payments Pro. With the new integration, you will be able to accept credit card payments on invoices, which means that your clients can pay much faster. There will be a separate blog post about this next week, explaining how the new feature will work.

This new invoice layout was re-envisioned and designed by Squared Eye, one of Harvest’s happy customers. Thank you, Matthew!

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  • Looks great. Will we also be able to include the invoice in the body of the emails sent or are we still limited to attached PDFs?

  • theFreelanceDesigner on September 24, 2010

    You say it will be wider, but will it still fit on letter size paper in vertical orientation? I hope so.

  • Nice grid! And love the Mad Men logo…

  • Christian Philippsen on September 25, 2010

    Looks great, although I’m more concerned how the layout will look on print!

    Will the invoice layout in the backend look like the PDF?

  • That’s a nice update, but can we customize what’s actually SHOWN ON the invoice yet? I’d really like to be able to remove the Unit Price field for select clients…

  • Nice one chaps! Just need some good invoice reports now with graphs etc!

  • Samuel SEM Montreal on September 25, 2010

    yes credit card gateways, that’s a good news!

    Looking forward to this new layout… could be great to have more control over it. :)

  • Exciting – but would love to have more control over the fields and mostly the top of the page so I can use my existing identity letterhead – could you maybe allow for Logo files to go into the CSS as background images aligned top so that all of your input data sits on top?!

  • Looks nice. Would love a few other enhancements:

    a) ability to have a person-by-person summary at the top of the invoice, with detailed hours & expenses below the summary

    b) Ability to show total amount due at the top of a invoice, instead of only at the very bottom of the detail lines on the last page

    c) ability to select, within a project, which person’s hours to include, and then show all detailed line items (hours and/or expenses) for the selected person(s). The only way to do this now (on a detailed invoice) is to individually delete each line item for person(s) we don’t wish to include.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Looks good, but we’d really like to be able to attach receipts for expenses to our invoices.

  • Yeah!! I’m really excited to see these go live. You all do great work and it’s been a real joy to collaborate with you.

    Here’s to awesome invoicing

  • Rad! Can’t wait to use these new bad boys this week. Way to go, Harvest and @squaredeye.

  • I second Jessica’s request for being able to attach receipts directly to the invoice (or invoice email).

  • Pat Carlson on September 27, 2010

    We at Sorce Architecture use Havest for ‘professional services’ invoicing.

    I second Jessica’s request to be able to attach receipts (scaned in) to the invoice. I also second Jon’s request to be able to edit the ‘quantity’ and ‘unit price’ headings. We usually use ‘hours’ and ‘rate per hour’ but sometimes we have a flat fee in which case we can say quantity 1, unit price $0.00 as currently shown on your sample. Jeremy’s item b has merit: b) Ability to show total amount due at the top of a invoice, instead of only at the very bottom of the detail lines on the last page

    In conclusion, more control and/or flexibility would be great for this user.


  • This is so cool… I think I feel like dancin

  • I love the fact that this was envisioned by a client =)

    @Pat With regards to changing the “quantity” and “unit price” headings you can actually do that today. Since I work in Sweden I have translated all the headings to Swedish and the translation fields are free text.

    So if you go to Invoices -> Configure -> Translations you can change all headings to whatever text you want. I realise you may not actually be looking at “Translations” as your solution if all your correspondence is in English but that’s where it is :)

    Screen dump:

  • I heard that this was going live today (Tuesday 9/28). Nothing seems to be different, so far. Anyone notice it yet?

  • Jim – sorry – a blog post coming shortly. The new view is released for the Client View only right now, and it will be brought to the rest of the app later this week.

  • @Shawn: OK, I see it now in the client view — I actually don’t use that feature (we just send PDFs via email attachment). I’ll keep my eye out for this to propagate to the rest of the app. Thanks!

  • @Pat Carlson, yeah you can currently change the headings as stated by @Per Axbom. I was referring to being able to completely remove the “unit price” column if so desired. Some clients just don’t need to know what the hourly rate is. It’s also the reason I don’t do my estimating through Harvest yet. When I estimate, I provide a cost range, not an hourly range.

    So yeah, bottom line is that it’d be nice to have a bit more functionality to customizing these documents. I am VERY much looking forward to credit card processing though. That’ll be a big advantage.

  • @jon I can turn off that column for you – but it’ll hide the column for ALL invoices in your account. Just email us in support and we’ll do it.

    There will be more customization coming to Harvest soon!

  • +1 on the “attach receipts to invoices”. Also still waiting for multi-currency expense support.

  • Richard Kauffman on October 1, 2010

    Will it include an option to remove or eliminate the Quantity column? We invoice for total Fees and Expense Categories so the Quantity is not needed and just confuses our clients.

  • Jim Kring on October 1, 2010

    One problem I have with the harvest invoices is that they don’t prominently state “INVOICE” anywhere. If you do a google search for Invoice Template, nearly every one you find says “INVOICE” (all caps) in large, gray font.

  • Just a few suggestions that would be helpful with invoices:
    1.You can add codes for the invoice but if you could add a description of those codes and have it pop into the invoice when selected would be awesome.
    2.On the invoices to have a “pay this amount now” option to minimize confusion on the invoice.
    3.Also, payment plan invoices would be cool.

  • On the new invoices will it be possible to include / display past due amounts on invoices. Also late fee %?

    Thanks ———

  • Hi,
    It seems that with the changes to actual invoice layout , the email template has changed for the worse. Could this layout be changed back to how it was? Or is this editable in Harvest.

    Your urgent response to this would be very much appreciated as we have lots of invoices due to be sent today.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Kerry, I’m emailing you now so we can figure out the invoice email template issues with you.

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