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New Home Tab

There’s going to be a relatively small change to Harvest this coming Monday: the current Account Overview screen will be moved to a new Home tab, and we will be calling it Dashboard from here on.

Everything will still work the same, we’re just moving things around a bit to improve the organization and experience. This navigation update also allows us more flexibility for a few upcoming improvements to Harvest.

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  • Is an intergeration between paypay or any other online payment service going to be intergrated into the invoice send out for clients? That would be a great way to have clients not only get their bill, but pay it as well. Zohan has it and so does orfes.

  • There is already Paypal integration built into Harvest.

  • Nice. Where will “Reports” link go in this case?

  • Time report.

    The reports section is going to get some lovin’ and updates soon.

  • Cool- looking forward to this.

    You guys rock, by the way, just in case you aren’t hearing that enough. I recommend you guys all the time.

  • Maureen Soules on September 10, 2010

    I love your software! As an independent contractor, this gives me all the tools I need. In fact, one of my clients now uses it for their own time tracking!

  • I configured Harvest to be my startup browser screen. Your services have helped me connect my time with my money. Not a small feat. I really appreciate your efforts to make this as easy as possible.

  • Moshe Cohen on September 11, 2010

    very nice SW, very professional

  • Very nice! Now I’m looking forward to Monday :)

  • Excellent… A very logical move, and the “Dashboard” is becoming the defacto paradigm.

    But I find it disappointing — and puzzling, and incredibly frustrating — that you have the time and capability to make all these substantial changes to the web UI, and yet you don’t have time to correct one single line of CSS code to change the invoice e-mail note from a ridiculously ugly monospaced font to a decent-looking stack like “Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif”.

    Even if you’re working 24/7 on a super-secret massively sophisticated method for customers to generate customized CSS templates for e-mail invoices, there’s no logical reason why one of your people can’t take — literally — LESS THAN ONE MINUTE to change this in the meantime.

    This issue has been discussed at least since January. That’s more than 7 months.

    You market yourselves to freelancers like graphic designers, and yet even though this is a real problem for the way a designer’s invoice e-mails look, you can’t seem to fix this one infinitesimal issue.

    At least one other service has a batch of attractive invoice templates available, and even though they don’t provide invoice template customization this is making them their service very attractive to me, and I’m sure to other designers as well.

    Why do you continue to ignore this issue, when it could be fixed so easily, and almost instantaneously?

    Are you trying to alienate all of your designer customers?

    You’re starting to accomplish that with this one — even though I am really, really happy with virtually everything else about Harvest. Which makes this even more frustrating, since you seem like good people, and I don’t want to have to move to another service just because my invoice e-mails look like triple-hammered yak dung.

    I’d love to get a reply on this subject that’s more specific than a cheery “Thanks for the feedback!”.

  • @Bob
    Well if you yell in that tone in public, I don’t think you are going to be someone people would want to look after.

    Chill out tiny guy.

  • @Pasquale — As anyone can see, there was no yelling in my post. It’s completely calm. Simply voicing one’s frustration over a long-ignored legitimate issue is not “yelling.”

    And in many cases, wheels don’t get greased unless they squeek, at least a little.

    As for “tiny guy”? *chuckle* Nice trolling.

  • Much more succinct!

  • I agree with bob i tried to bring this invoice ugliness matter up 1 year ago but totally neglected…

  • I asked for XML exporting of contacts and less than a week later BAM they added it. So either that was already in their list (likely) or they took my request seriously.

    They aren’t very good at responding to blog comments, so I wouldn’t expect an answer here, got to email them directly.

    While it never occured to me, while looking at the invoice email now, it is pretty ugly and could do with a refresh, something a little more 2.0

    For me it’s not close to a dealbreaker, and neither is moving the overview to a home icon.

  • Adding a ‘place’ for the “dashboard” aka Account Overview is long overdue. Having it under Reports always seemed like kind of a swag anyway.

    PS. Thanks, Harvest, for letting us BEFORE the change. It is appreciated!

  • I also agree with Bob – it’s a shame we don’t have more control over how the emails look. They could easily be made to look much nicer just by changing to Arial..

    Other than that I absolutely love Harvest.

  • @bob and @marc – I hear and share your frustration with invoice email formatting. The best I can tell you is that change is coming. We’re in the middle of some major updates with the invoicing area.

    @Michael sorry that you feel that way, and we’ll get better at responding to blog comments.

    Thank you all for your feedback!!

  • Site went down in the middle of giving info to client. Wasn’t expecting that you would do it in the middle of the work day.

  • @Erik Apologies, a hiccup that lasted a little over a minute just occurred. We’re back on track, the situation has been righted, and everything’s up and running as normal. Write us in at support AT harvestapp DOT com if you’d like to discuss it further, and thanks for you support.

  • I’ve liked most of the recent updates, but I just don’t get this one: it puts everything on the “Reports” tab (which I hit every time I log in) an extra click away for me.

    It might seem that the obvious solution is to bookmark the Reports tab and login using that link, but I also like to see the overview first thing when I log in.

    I guess my point is this doesn’t “improve the organization and experience” for me—it just adds extra clicks to my workflow. Will the “more flexibility for a few upcoming improvements” perhaps fix this in the future?

  • I think Harvest rocks….and it is technology people…can’t make everyone happy every moment of the day…..give them a minute!

  • It would be nice to be able to incorporate a specific payment gateway like our credentials or perhaps provide our own custom ‘pay online’ link rather than only having paypal as the pay online option.

  • @Shawn – Thanks for the reply… But you’ve kind of illustrated my point. It sounds very much like you’re so focused on the major, longer-term updates that you’re passing over the small things that would take almost no time, but make a dramatic difference.

    I’m a firm believer in the 37Signals philosophy of shorter development cycles and smaller iterative changes. It helps to keep the perfect from becoming the enemy of the good, and it gives at least the appearance of more transparency and responsiveness.

    You might want to consider splitting your list of simpler feature requests / bug reports from your longer-term development cycles. That way, the shorter-term items with a Low priority won’t have to compete with High Priority items that take months to accomplish.

    You also might consider adding an aging component to the priorities, so that after a certain amount of time, the item gets a priority upgrade, or at least send up a flair to alert your developers to the length of time it’s been sitting on the shelf.

  • Thanks for the advice, Bob. We actually do very short cycles and believe it or not, we push out small (and sometimes rather large) updates throughout the week.

    @Jerod – yes. :)

  • I’m also with Bob on this one. I am finding the invoicing and quotation templates a big let down and have voiced this in feedback both through your customer survey and forum.

    I love this product (and sing its praises in all other aspects) but my clients don’t see the wonderful backend that is my invoicing system. The first impression they get of my design business is a badly formatted PDF and HTML template with a quotation.

    @Shawn – other than “a change is coming” do you have a ballpark date as to when we may expect the feature? Maybe for Christmas ;)

    Thanks for everything else regarding Harvest! :) Other than this, Harvest is a great product!

  • @Shawn – Short cycles, small changes. Great. So, that begs the question: Why has it taken a year or more to fix something that would take about a minute?

    Seriously, I’m not trying to be a PITA here. It would just be helpful to get a direct answer on this– not on new features under development about which you can’t comment… just this one issue.

    Is it a matter of priorities? Have not enough people complained about it? What’s the reasoning / problem behind the delay?


  • Hi @michelle, you’ll be happy to know that we’re working on a new invoice format, which should be out by Tuesday. We’re also planning a full-customization engine.

    @bob There are a ton of things that would seem to take just a few minutes to fix. Sorry that this got pushed down the queue, but you should be happy to know about a new invoice email format coming in a couple of weeks, and there will be no monospace font this time (even though some of us are fans of it).

    Thanks all for the great comments – we’re hard at work and hope that you will enjoy the upcoming updates!

  • @Shawn – Interesting… If it would only “seem to” take a few minutes to change that one line of CSS code, then something’s very strange with the way your codebase is handled.

    But thanks for breaking the rule of feature-comment silence and giving us advance notice of the new format. Great to hear!

    And I do hope at some point there’s a monospaced font option for those of you who prefer it. :)

  • Upcoming improvements? Like what? I hope it’s functionality to track payables and receivables. Some data vis would be great too. Just sayin’…

  • For the record, I don’t think that my invoices look like “triple-hammered yak dung” (as described by a previous poster on Sept 11). True, they’re not the most stylish design, but they get the job done. Not a single client has refused to pay me based on the appearance of my invoices.

    Keep up the great work, Harvest people!

  • For the record, it’s not the invoices that look like HYD. It’s the note that accompanies them in a monospaced font. I think the invoices themselves look fantastic.

    And regardless of the hyperbole, I imagine there are a lot of clients out there who are more than happy to pay invoices with clumsy-looking notes attached, but who also wonder why a designer can’t get his act together enough not to use a monospaced font when it runs entirely against his branding, and is harder to read than it needs to be.

    I saw an announcement about new invoices being released, but I just did the first new invoice since then, and the note is still in the same font.

    So, it’s starting to look like this issue isn’t even on the to-do list.

  • Hey Bob, the new invoice email is coming. We’re just about done with it and will launch this week.

    Thanks again for your patience.

  • In a word: YAY!

    Excellent news…. Looking forward to sending out many new great-looking invoices.

    Thanks for getting to this issue.

  • Andrew Boardman on October 13, 2010

    This is great news. Just changing it from Monaco to Arial/Helvetica would make a big difference.

  • I just got my first copy of the new invoice e-mail, and it looks fantastic!

    Thanks SO much for killing off the monospaced font. :)

    BTW — I totally forgot to ask you to consider a tweak to the language in the Invoice summary part of the email…

    When I send a reminder message to a client who has made a partial payment on an invoice, the language could be a little confusing:

    Invoice ID: 2010025
    Issue date: 08/21/2010
    Client: Ms. Clarissa Client
    P.O. Number:
    Amount: $696.95
    Due: 09/21/2010

    Amount paid to date: $800.00

    Link to invoice online:

    This makes it look as though the amount of the original invoice was $696.95, when that number is actually the outstanding balance after payments have been credited.

    If you could change the label for that amount for invoices that are partially paid, or even add a second line and re-order, e.g.:

    Invoice Amount: $1000.00
    Amount paid to date: $800.00
    Outstanding Balance: $200.00

    …that’d be a thing o’ beauty.

    Thanks again for the polishing!

  • Andrew Boardman on October 14, 2010

    Cool. It looks way better. And Bob’s comment above makes great sense.

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