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AkaCRM Releases Harvest for Salesforce Application

Harvest users can now take advantage of AkaCRM’s integration with Salesforce, available for free through their site.

Here’s how it works: Using Harvest2Salesforce Connector, add projects in Salesforce the same way you add projects in Harvest. After adding the project in both applications,  you can track time as usual in Harvest under that project.

When you sync the Salesforce application with Harvest, your team’s time entries will now appear under the appropriate project in Salesforce. Additionally you can view reporting figures, like invoiced and uninvoiced hours, and your project’s budget within Salesforce.

Check out the video and the application, and thanks to AkaCRM for making an integration that is relevant to our Harvest users!

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  • The GET IT NOW button to install this free application is found at the bottom of the page that is linked in the blog posting above.

  • I have used Salesforce for about 7 years and Harvest over the last couple of years. I was very pleased to come across this connector. Getting timed notes into Salesforce from the excellent Harvest iPhone app will be very valuable for reporting where time is used.

    It’s early days as I’ve only just installed the connector, but so far it’s working exactly as expected. Prompt and effective responses from the developer give me confidence for the future.

    Hopefully the combination of Harvest and Salesforce will give me the level of control over my time budgets that I’ve been seeking for years.

    Thanks very much AkaCRM!

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