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Get Paid Faster, Part II – Accept Credit Card Payments Online From Your Web Invoice

UPDATE: As of October 16, 2014, Harvest only offers Stripe and PayPal for online payment. More details here.

According to our data, Harvest invoices with an option to pay via PayPal receive payments nearly 16 days faster (twice as fast) than invoices without an online payment option. Letting your clients pay online means that they can pay you faster – no more waiting for a check to deposit.

We’re excited to announce the second major Harvest update to help you get paid faster: payment gateway integration. With this new feature, you can accept credit cards right on the new and improved Web Invoice.

Click through for a live example!

Online Payment, the Harvest Way

Online payment is not new to the internet, but the way other websites do it is a laborious, multi-step process. The new payment process on your Harvest Web Invoice is exceptionally fast, and the entire flow happens on one page. When your client clicks the “Pay Invoice” button on the invoice, a simple and familiar payment form shows up immediately:

Your client will not be taken to a new page or have to wait for the page to load. Once they fill out the form, Harvest will take them back to the invoice with a confirmation message. The experience is seamless, simple and fast. The payment is recorded on the invoice immediately, and Harvest automatically sends your client a payment receipt customized with your logo.

Our design and development team also put in the extra effort to take care of the smallest details, such as the top left corner of the Web Invoice:

Here we want to highlight one major action: Pay Invoice. We put the invoice total next to the button, so there’s no confusion on how much is due, and there’s no need to scan the invoice for the total. We also show all the payment options with their familiar icons, so clients know that they can pay online.

Great. How Do I Set Up?

Harvest now integrates with these four major payment gateways:

If you have an account with any of the four gateways, go to Invoices > Configure, click on “Online Payment” and put in your credentials.

Here’s a brief video to show you how to take advantage of this new feature:

We believe adding payment gateways and the ability to get paid directly from the web invoice can significantly speed up invoice payments and improve cash flow for your business. Please let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions!

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  • That. Is. Awesome.

  • Congrats yall! This is great progress on a great app.

  • Great stuff guys!

  • Is harvest planning on adding more gateways in the future? We use Helcim ( and the integration with them would be amazing!

  • Great stuff — and cool that you managed to link to multiple gateways at first release.

  • Christian Malcolm on October 13, 2010

    I’d love to do this, but can’t absorb the fees. Any chance of adding a xx% charge when paying online?

  • Berish Edelman on October 13, 2010

    as cool as this is, im blown away more by the thought that people actually charge that much! could it be? say it aint so!

  • I’m new to this, so please pardon the noob question. But what kind of costs are assessed by the gateways? I assume that if a client wants to pay me by credit card, I’m going to get paid less, yes? Is there a way to charge some kind of (admittedly very annoying) “convenience charge” or the like, just to credit card payments?

  • When will this feature be available in other currency specifically CAD?

  • @Lee: Typically you’ll have to eat about 2-3% when taking payment via credit card. Charging a “convenience charge” for people paying via credit card usually violates the merchant agreements you sign when setting up a merchant account.

  • Berish Edelman on October 13, 2010

    @lee: and thats not counting the monthly fees and setup fees. the linkpoint one looks to be the cheapest…

  • @Binary: Yeah, bummer. And I suppose really all the gateways are pretty much the same, since it’s such a tight little market. For now, I guess I’ll stick with the ancient method of checks. Thanks.

  • Be good if you added some UK gateways for the people who do want to use this, but getting a 300 charge on 10k isn’t going to work for me.

  • Love to see a way to handle re-occurring billing!

  • Braintree integration please!

  • What love to see uk payment gateways added.

  • Are there plans to integrate Paypal Website Payments STANDARD?

  • @Darren Which UK payment gateway would you like to see? @Troy Which payment gateway works best for you in Harvest?

  • Karen Schoellkopf on October 13, 2010

    @Bryan Maniotakis @Mickey Ristroph Thanks for the suggestions of payment gateways you’d like to see – we’ll make a note of it!

    @Ryan We actually DO already integrate with PayPal Standard! Check it out under Invoices > Configure > Online Payment

  • I’m not the UK request… I think this is Craig.

    I would like to bill a credit credit card automatically for reoccurring invoices ;-)

  • Thanks for catching that @Troy. We’ve noted your request as well. :)

    @Craig Which payment gateway works best for you in Harvest?

  • I think it’s a mistake to only use the PayPal Payment Pro gateway. What about the PayPal Standard Payment option?

    Unless there are technical reasons for doing that, on the surface, it seems like you’re forcing PayPal customers to upgrade to a “monthly fee” version.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on October 13, 2010

    @Prof. Pierre Coupet You CAN still use PayPal Standard, check it out under Invoices > Configure > Online Payment

  • Wow… Very nice!

    It’s fantastic to have an interface that doesn’t force the buyer to go to the PayPal site and throw that confusing login page at them. I know that PP page costs sellers some retail sales, but I’m sure it also slows down some client types, too.


  • I think you’re underbilling guys, I get paid $480,000 for basic SEO Link Farming.

    For cigarette companies such as Lucky Strike I’d double it to $960,000 just incase I get lung cancer through the emails.

    Might want to check that out.

  • Sri…may not be just UK but most popular include…

    RBS worldpay

  • I’m glad you added this feature. I hope you will consider adding support for my gateway, USAePay.

  • This ROCKS!!!

    This is the best app/service I’ve come across in years! So beyond worth the price…so easy to do from my home Mac or iPhone…thanks for making my various contractor gigs super easy to track…and now super easy to get paid!


  • What would it take to get support for Merchant Warehouse’s gateway?

  • This is a great new feature, however all the payment gateways seem to only accept payments for invoices in USD, can we expect support for other currencies such as AUD, in the future?


  • A good Australian payment gateway is .

  • If you add Sagepay or Barclays EPDQ you would definiately be getting a thumbs up from the UK users. Not too keen on the other options to be honest. Great progress in pushing your product forward guys.

  • Thomas Kulvik on October 14, 2010

    Thanks for a great feature, but I would really (really!) appreciate if you could finally start working on some of the more critical feature requests made by myself and several others over a year ago. “Small” things like actually giving us a search feature so it’s possible to find a client in the client list without hitting Ctrl+F and using the browser to search, and finding a invoice without creating a report first and the hitting Ctrl+F.

    I just can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented. Do every Harvest user have 5 clients and 3 invoices in total?? :/

    I think it would be a rather good idea to actually make the software usable and then implementing “nice-to-have” features after that :)


  • Great idea…
    However, Is there a way to allow certain clients to have access to credit card paying and other no access? Since I get charged a percentage for credit card/paypal usage I would like to limit that option to certain clients so I can either add a credit card convenience percentage charge or no option at all for instance…thanks!

  • Hello @lee, @christian – There is a convenience charge with payment gateways – but what you get is faster collection of cash. IMHO, cash flow is really important to a small business, and it’s not unreasonable to consider all the admin fees as overhead, and calculate them into your rate and fees.

    @tim – you’re right. We’re only rolling out the feature to US customers only, and we plan on making this available to UK, Australia soon too.

    @thomas – yes – your voice is heard and we’ll make Harvest better for large accounts!

  • Can I request adding Square ( to your list of gateways? Thanks! :)

  • Great new feature!

    I would like to see the CDG Commerce/Quantum gateway added ( Very inexpensive.

  • We’re a big fan of harvest having used since the start of this year. Anyway, one of our clients is a large European PSP (payment services provider). I’d be interested to see if there was potential to integrate them as a gateway as they offer great rates on cards and wallets. Phil

  • Braintree integration as well!!!

  • I love harvest. I was introduced to you a while ago and I haven’t stop using it since. Love it!

    Continue to surprise me guys.

    Will this feature be available for Canadian clients as well, (faster payment) plan?

  • Pretty stupid example, considering you could never charge a credit card for 200k dollars.


    wait they said my comment was too short. Ok…

    sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet – will that do?

  • Christian Malcolm on October 15, 2010

    @Harvest: It’s only natural that we all think our suggestions and feature requests are the most important and beneficial to Harvest, but can I suggest a democratic and transparant way to address the ‘feature request’ issue?

    I’m looking to find an online bookkeeping service that will interact with Harvest (I’m in the UK and still haven’t found one) and saw a comment about a service called

    When you google xero and harvest you get sent to a webpage where (xero) users can vote for what xero should be prioritising as the next features. It’s quite democratic and it so happens that the top requested feature for them is integration with Harvest.

    Anyway, having some kind of system where we can contribute and vote and what we’d like next from Harvest might be helpful if making us feel like we have some say in what happens next.

  • I’m seconding Christian’s excellent suggestion…

  • @Christian and @Bob – We have an internal system for tracking features requests, but we have no plans to have a public “voting” system. That said, we listen to customer feedback VERY closely, and we track all feedback in our internal system, so your voice is heard whether it’s in blog comments, forum, or even via Twitter. We also appreciate the interest in the Xero integration, and hope to release something in the future, consider your feedback noted!

  • Love the idea of the payments from the web invoice.. I use eWay, one of the best from Australia. it would be great for you to start to integrate with other countries payment gateways

  • I’m loving the fact that Harvest is taking positive steps and moving forward with the product.

    I would genuinely love to use this feature, but I just can’t justify swallowing a 2-3% hit just for letting a client pay by card! I also think in a competitive market it would be foolish for me to build this into a project too.
    In four years I have only had one instance when a client HAD to pay by credit card. I used my Paypal account to process this, but felt utterly cheated due to the processing fee.

    I will definitely be sticking to cheque and bank details in the footer of my invoices.

  • @Martin – Take a look at the flat $0.50 pricing we just launched with PayPal called Business Payments. PayPal has made this available only to US users to start, but this could become a viable option down the road.

    Read more here:

  • @Danny Wen – That looks really cool! Hope it get rolled out over the pond too!!

  • Can you use PayPal Payflow Pro/Link?

  • Great work. I think its a good idea. I think Square is also acceptable.

  • any plans to integrate dwolla? that would be great

  • Karen Schoellkopf on November 14, 2011

    @analytics code @chris Both Square and Dwolla are on our requested integrations list to receive payments – thanks for letting us know you’d like to see them!

    @MattJC You can connect to PayPal Payments Pro, I’m not familiar with PayFlow Pro/Link, sorry.

  • I’d just like to second @Chris’s request for Dwolla integration! :)

  • Great to see more integration, sorry to still see PayPal prominent– a third plug to prioritize Dwolla!

  • You all should consider Stripe. Really simple price breakdown with no monthly fees. You only get charge for every transaction and nothing else. Check it out:

  • I’d love to see Square added, as well.

  • Using Harvest has honestly changed my life and my business in such an awesome way! Especially the online payment options. We just switched from our regular merchant services to Stripe- and it’s great- but would LOVE to be able to use Square.

    Really looking forward to when you can integrate Square. I think many of us would do a happy dance or two.

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