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Harvest Integration with activeCollab

Update: The Harvest integration with activeCollab is no longer available.

activeCollab is a popular project management & collaboration tool that you can set up on your own server or local network. Thanks to developer (and Harvest customer) Andreas Schempp, activeCollab users can now install a module which allows for time that is tracked in activeCollab to easily be submitted to Harvest.

Like Basecamp, time tracked with activeCollab is toward specific to-dos — making it difficult to run reports and generate an invoice with the time you’ve tracked. This module helps you convert those specific to-dos into higher level tasks in Harvest (where generating invoices and reports is a breeze). Here’s a quick demo video that shows how the Harvest & activeCollab integration works:

If you’re an activeCollab user, ask your administrator to install the module today (Available from activeCollab’s download area). Thanks, Andreas!

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  • Anyone know how to activate this? I have it installed, not quite sure how to implement it.

  • Hi Russ – when I was configuring the demo account for our screencast, it was because I hadn’t edited the roles and permissions properly. You must explicitly grant permissions in each role group to the ‘can_submit_harvest’ option.

    Go to Admin > Roles and edit the groups you want to have access to the Harvest module.

    If that doesn’t get you pointed in the right direction, feel free to Contact Us through our support system and address your message to me.


  • Haha! Thanks so much!

  • This is great; we use both Harvest and activeCollab in our office.

  • There is no way to get the projects loaded directly into the little harvest widgets, is there?

  • I installed the module, i set the permission and indeed I see the “submit to harvest”…

    but where do i set the link between this and my harvest account?! i didnt find that part.

  • to give more details on the previous post:
    I dont know where to tell ActiveCollab which harvest account to submit to.

    therefore, when I try to use the button SUBMIT TO HARVEST i get:
    “Connecting to Harvest failed. Please check your access credentials.”, of course.

    where to set the access credentials?

  • I have an extra bit:
    after install i can see in
    Table: config_options 3 options created by this module: harvest_domain, harvest_pass, harvest_user, all set to value:N; type:user.

    The first problem is of course that I cannot find the UI to input these data on AC.
    2. if i wanted to input these in DB manually , how should ido it? i guess i should input a different record for each user
    3. may not be related: I have 2 similar tables in my db: config_options and ac_config_options.
    I am sure I installed AC withou table_prefix. Maybe some module I installed assumed i had the AC_ thing ? will this affect the application?

  • WOW! I found it!
    go to Profile:
    on the top right, select Options -> Harvest Credentials..

    Andreas you did an amazing job, but please add a README inside the zip! :)

  • The video is no longer working. Can you please update the video?

  • Dean Jones on October 18, 2011

    It would be great if this module would allow you to download all your current projects right into Harvest. That would save you time from having to re-enter projects.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on October 18, 2011

    @Kenneth @Dean As this integration was developed by a third party, our best advice to request a feature it to contact them directly: and click on “Contact Us” in the top navigation bar.

  • Andreas,

    They are saying that your great module no longer works with current version of activeCollab.

    Any hope/prayer/chance you might do us all the kind service of updating the module accordingly??

    Here is the transcript of the chat with AC’s Live Support….

    – – – copy/paste- – –

    You have been transferred to: Alan Eden.

    David Gaian we are your Activecollab devotees who also LOVE invoicing via Harvest. Please help?

    *notices move over to Alan*

    Hey Alan!

    Alan Edenhi:)

    David Gaian When one clicks this link: activecoll…ads/category/4/package/88

    rather than calling up the Harvest module it hits….

    “package ID 88 doesn’t exist”


    Alan Edenone moment please

    David Gaian sure!


    Alan Edenthat is for our old version of activeCollab sorry

    David Gaian ah yes?…. so that developer would have to update something?

    Alan Edenthat is correct

    David Gaian would you guess its a BIG change effecting his whole patch?…or reasonable to bring to next level?

    Alan Edennot sure sorry, we do not use 3rd party modules

    you would need to speak to the developers directly sorry

    – – – end copy/paste

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