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Coming Thursday: A Wider, Roomier Harvest

This Thursday, we’re releasing a significant update to the Harvest layout: the app will have a wider, borderless shell. The look and feel of Harvest largely remains the same, but you’ll notice more breathing room throughout the entire app. We’ve come to affectionately refer to this update as Harvest HD.

Over time, we’ll be using the extra space to make layout changes that increase usability. We’ve started making some of these additional improvements on the Invoice and Estimates page. Some changes you can expect on Thursday include:

  • Grouped action buttons inside a chrome.
  • Updated read-only layout that’s the same as the recently updated Web Invoice.
  • Cleaned up header, where you can quickly see the most recent action taken on the invoice or estimate.

Here’s a preview of what the invoice will look like:

Later this week, we’ll publish a separate blog post detailing the technical side of the new layout. Stay tuned!

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  • How wide is wide? Hopefully none of this 1100+px nonsense I see some places pushing.

    Anyway glad to hear of ongoing development; hopefully some enhancements in faster page loading speeds…

  • ^ or v haters gonna hate. I look forward to it.

  • Can you post some side by side screen shots?


  • Wider-schmider.

    Please for the love of god fix the iPhone app!

  • Is this going to make it behave better on the iPad as well? There are some funny issues with time entry.

  • Always look forward to updates on my favorite productivity app, even the cosmetic ones.

  • Will it make me breakfast? I look forward to Harvest HD on my 1920. I laugh at 1100px… lol!

  • Nice one. I loved your last redesign work on the entry form.

    Making redesign part of the culture of a product is vital.

  • @organech My screen is 2560 wide, but I like having two windows side by side and pixels to spare! :P

  • Still waiting for a real timesheet copy feature, the 12/10 update messed up the daily carry-over by only carrying one item per Project/Task combination.

    I’ve been using the timesheet for nearly 4 years now, and honestly most of the changes since the beginning have made it more difficult and time-consuming for me to enter my daily time (I can’t speak to the admin features). The last major design change gave every description field a unique ID so my browser’s auto-complete won’t work, and the 12/10 change limits the number of carry-over items…

    Still not sure why there’s no copy feature, I’ve never used another time tracking app that didn’t have one, even dating back to old VAX and mainframe systems. Sorry to harp on this issue, but I’ve been asking for a copy feature for 4 years, and I know it wouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

  • Please tell me that you’re going to update the logos for invoices and estimates or at least support the ability to put a header Text like “TAX INVOICE” and Quotation” or “Estimate” at the top of the document for all of us that have to support tax laws for different countries around the world. I currently have to swap logo with text under them to manage this process.

  • Looking forward to some changes!

    Merry christmas

  • I look forward to being able to search for an invoice so I can actually find something. Or the ability to actually sum up a total even when you need to use a pager to liste invoices :/ And all the other stuff that’s making Harvest a real pain to use right now for anyone with more that 20 customers and 20 invoices :(

  • I love it. You guys did a great job on the revamp of the invoices. I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  • Wow, a lot of complaining here. Glad to see the improvements, but let me just pat you guys on the back for the quality app so far, long time user!

  • New invoices are looking excellent. Can’t wait to test drive them in the morning! :)

  • Thanks so much for your feedback, @all! Glad to see that so many people are excited about the update!

    @Simeon – The new layout is 980 px. Should feel roomier, but not too wide.

    @Adam Wolf – What needs fixing with the iPhone app? Feel free to shoot an email over to our support team at

    @James Kahn – The new layout won’t have any impact on how Harvest works on the iPad. We’re aware of some of the problems with Harvest and the iPad, and it’s on our radar of things to improve.

    @Jimmy – Thanks for letting me know about the problems you’ve been having with the 12/10 update. If you like, write in to our support team at, and we’ll look into the problem and keep you posted. Also, we’d love any feedback you’ve got on how we can improve timesheets.

    @Stuart Herring – We’re starting to get this request more. Feel free to write in to so we can get your email address and add it to the feature request list.

    @Thomas Kulvik – I’m sorry to hear that there are some things missing from your Harvest experience. Feel free to write in to so we get your request/email noted.

    Again, thanks, @all, for your feedback. Hope you enjoy the new layout!

  • @Adam Wolf – Sorry! Accidentally gave you the wrong support address. It’s

  • Looks great! Love Harvest and enjoy seeing it improve even more. We’ve recommended it to a number of our own clients who are now using it.

    Ine thing though… how about a full(er) featured iPhone or iPad app? This would be awesome for our field consultants to be able to fully invoice while working onsite!

  • When will you guys PLEASE add total quantity (hours) on invoices? Also, can you add to the Detailed Reports -task. I can’t track employee’s sick/vacation days because it is listed as a task.

  • Tell me you will also include budget reporting features across all the options, ie cost, task, hourly rate.

    Show it all…

  • les pederson on December 16, 2010

    In Canada we are supposed to have our GST # on all invoices, so the option to input that # in our profile and the ability to place it on the invoice would be nice.
    ALSO in the iPhone app, a landscape keyboard for notes would help.
    ALSO, the ability to pick hours from a project and tell the system they are invoiced, now we have to select ALL the hours on a project if we want to do this. I want to tell the system certain hours have be invoiced, really I want to track the hours but they are not billable, or I want those hours billed later.


  • Brilliant subtle Mad Men reference in the screenshot, love it!

  • I’ve been testing out Harvest for about 3 weeks and so far I’m pretty happy with it.

    A few things I would love to see since I ‘switched’ from Freshbooks:

    1. The ability to know if the client has ‘viewed’ the invoice
    2. The ability to have a fixed fee and dynamically generate it into an invoice.

    I would be extremely happy once these features are filled.

    You guys are doing a fantastic job on the UI and the UX. Keep it up.

    Looking forward to more updates! :)

    Gotta love Mad Men right?

    – Henry

  • Nice work! Can’t wait.

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