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Harvest and Co-op Now Available from Chrome Web Store

This week, Google launched the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace, where users can search, browse and use web-based applications and extensions.

You can now install Harvest and Co-op (our team communication app which we live by everyday) for your Google Chrome browser via the new Web Store — it’s available at no additional charge for existing Harvesters. Once installed, the apps will appear when you load Chrome. This makes accessing our apps from Chrome on any machine even easier.

Additionally, we’ve started to add some HTML5 goodness starting with @reply notifications in Co-op, so you can take advantage of great desktop-like features right from your web browser.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store via your Chrome browser to install them today!

  • Install Harvest for Chrome
  • Install Co-op for Chrome

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  • What’s the point of the web app? Why wouldn’t I just go to my Harvest page?

  • Well, the app gives you nothing more than the website and doesn’t remember your login. I’ll keep using the website.

  • I agree with Boots, especially when I don’t even use Chrome as day-to-day use.

  • I’ve just tried the Co-op Chrome app and it seems like the one BIG omission from it is ‘notifications’. As others have stated the app is no different from the website so why use it unless it offers more?

    There is an Adobe Air app available ( but we have found this to memory heavy and when left open and causes machines to go on a sloooooowwwwwww dooooooown :(

    Please add notifications to the Chrome app asap. Regards – Jason

  • You mention ‘@reply notifications in Co-op’ in your post but how do you do these as I cannot seem to get them to work :(

    Regards – Jason

  • @Jason – we did indeed add notifications to Co-op for Chrome. When someone @reply another person, the intended recipient will see the HTML5 notification for that message.

  • Hi Danny,

    I’ve managed to get the notifications working. Thanks for your help :) It was due to people being inactive that the notifications didn’t appear.

    Can you tell me if they are linked via @ only as we have a number of people with the same firstname? If I used @Dave would this go to all Daves and @Dave Smith only to Dave Smith?

    It would also be nice to be able to set them to stay up longer or until removed if this is possible?

    Thanks for a great app by the way.


  • @Jason – you can also @reply people by their last name. I’m not sure if we can keep that notification up longer in Chrome – we’ll look into that.

  • Are you guys going to develop the Harvest app further? I really like having a pretty ‘Harvest’ button on my apps list, but it’s utterly useless as shipped. I’ve ended up hacking the extension myself just to make it point at my domain, but this is something that you should offer as an option, or at least make the chromeapp landing page detect logged-in users.

  • @Richard – the Harvest Chrome App should automatically direct you to your Harvest account/subdomain — no further work is needed on your part. If you are not getting redirected to your subdomain, where are you being directed to?

  • @Danny – ah, this is interesting. If I do this:

    1) End all chrome.exe processes
    2) Open the browser
    3) Hit the Harvest button

    then it’s landing me on .

    But if I then do this:

    4) Browse to
    5) Observe that I have been recognised without needing to log in or anything
    6) Open a new tab
    7) Hit the Harvest button

    then it’s landing me on my subdomain correctly.

    Browser is Chrome 9.0.597.107 (the latest official build).

  • Oops, the comment field screwed up step 4. Should read

  • Matt Beale on April 11, 2011

    Howdy @all,

    We’ve tweaked the integration with Harvestapp to track your current session a bit better than before, I hope this makes the app a even more useful for you!

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