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Help 2.0: The New Harvest Support

We’re ready to unveil our shiny, new Harvest Support! We’ve added a whole lot of content, changed the layout, and incorporated a fast and efficient instant search.  Here’s a peek:

Take it for a spin, and read on to find out more about the specifics of what we’ve done.

Why the Redesign?

We love talking to our customers, but we understand that it’s more convenient for you to find answers to your questions through a support section. Our old Help & Support was full of useful information, but it was hard to scan, and some of the content was outdated. We wanted our support section to be easy to use, so you could get what you need and move on with your day.

The new section has been dubbed Harvest Support, and it’s divided into three main parts: the Help Center, the Forum, and a Contact Support form. Help Center is where you’ll find our updated and new help content, reorganized and easily searchable with our fast instant search.

Highlights of Harvest Support

In September, I created a list of goals for our new Support. Here’s how we incorporated those goals.

  • Easy to Scan – The Help Center took on a lot of new content while keeping pages easy to scan. We kept headings brief, and we used a hierarchy of headings on each page. We bolded navigation and button names, so you can follow directions without reading every word. We kept pages and menus as short as possible. For the sake of keeping related content together, some pages are longer, but are made scannable by headings.
  • Stellar Organization – I changed the format of the Help Center to a manual-style, versus FAQ, format. The main parts of the Help Center mirror the application. Individual pages are structured around different processes, like how to enter time, and are organized by headings, subheadings, and numbered step-by-step directions.
  • Consistency – To be consistent, button names and navigation appear in the Help Center exactly like they do in the Harvest app. Organization and hierarchy is the same across each page. We’ve worked hard to cross reference these details to make it easier for you to scan information and use it as you work.
  • Easily Searchable – Search is the focal point of the Help Center, featured front and center on each page. We were inspired by Google Instant, and we wanted our search to mirror its ease. As you type, results populate automatically, highlighting the search term in each entry. Content is easy to find, and search is efficient. Here’s what it looks like:

Harvest Help Search

  • Accessible customer support – It’s important that our customers can easily get in touch with us. The new Harvest Support has a Contact tab and a link to contact us at the end of each article.

We hope you find the new Harvest Support helpful and easy to use. As always, get in touch, and let us know how it’s working for you.

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  • Tonya Smith on January 27, 2011

    Single. Clap. This is exactly what I have been waiting for!! Thank you, Harvest.

  • Congratulations, it looks awesome :)

  • Very nice and worth the wait :)

  • Kevin / Netais LLC on January 28, 2011

    Yay Harvest; looks clean and simple – we’ll let ya know how it goes.

    Be sure to click-track its use to see what topics Harvest-users view to most and feed that back into the UI/UX process.

  • Hi Tonya, Andrei, Jim, and Kevin – Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new Harvest Support. Let me know if you have any additional questions or comments!

  • The new Help is awesomely awesome. The little video is a nice touch. How many companies provide help about their Help infrastructure? It’s meta-Help! It’s meta-licious.

    One cent:
    I think the third tab at the top of Help 2.0 should be “Contact Us”, not “Contact Support”. The title at the top of the page is HARVEST SUPPORT, so it’s obvious I’m already in contact with support. There are real, live, thinking, breathing humans behind that tab who are just waiting to be contacted. “Contact Us” makes it so much more personal.

    Another cent:
    It’s a bit annoying, and so unHarvest-like, that in order to use the Forum we have to create yet another userid and password. I need another set of user credentials like I need, hmm, another upgrade to Microsoft Office. I already have logon credentials to access Harvest, and they are conveniently cached in my browser somewhere. I’m sure with a little cookie magic, you could ‘harvest’ them for re-use when logging in to the Forum.

    And that’s my two-cents.

  • Hi Dave! Thanks so much for your feedback. Glad you’re so enthusiastic about it!

    What a small change – “Contact Us” vs. “Contact Support” – that really does make a difference! We may or may not change it, but you’re definitely right on this one.

    Also, re-doing the Forum wasn’t part of this project, but thanks for your feedback on this, too. We should make it easier for you all to leave us comments and questions!.


  • Hi again, Dave –

    Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who thought “Contact Us” was more appropriate, so we went ahead and made that change. Thanks for being a watchful eye and sending in your feedback!

  • Nice. Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. Even better, small changes that can be implemented quickly with visible results.

    Speaking of which, I hope the Harvest iPhone app will get some TLC soon. A small change there will make it so much better: take the DONE button off the Select Date page. There’s no need for it. User should be able to simply tap the desired date, and be done with it.

  • Does Harvest use a help desk app for this like or Tenderapp? Or is the help center completely custom? I’m just I’m looking for a help center for a website and was impressed by your implementation.

  • Brett Anderson on June 14, 2011

    Samara, this is a great online help system! How did you create it? (software like RoboHelp?)

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